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Hawaiian Airlines 75 Years of Service - Timeline

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The following are key historic dates in the early aviation history of the Territory of Hawaii and the 75-year history of Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines - 75 years of service

Brief History of Aviation in Hawaii

1910First flight in territorial aviation piloted by J.C. "Bud" Mars flying "Honolulu Skylark," P-18 Curtiss Biplane.
1911First seaplane in islands believed to have been flown by Tom Gunn who assisted in China's and Japan's aviation.
1917Army brought three N-9 seaplanes to Fort Kamehameha at entrance to Pearl Harbor.
1925Navy pilots flew three PN 9-A seaplanes from San Francisco to Honolulu. Commander John Rodgers was one of those 3 pilots; killed the following year in an airplane accident. John Rodgers Airport is the forerunner of today's Honolulu International Airport.
1927First civilian flight in a Travelair flew from Oakland and crash-landed on Molokai--but they made it.
1935Amelia Earhart flew the first solo from Honolulu to Oakland.
1936Pan American Airlines flew passengers from San Francisco to Hawaii using Martin-130 flying boats.
1960Advent of commercial jet service between the mainland and Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airlines History

1905James Kennedy of Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company merged with Wilder Steamship Co. to become the largest fleet of steamers serving Hawaii.
1928Stanley C. Kennedy, a Silver Star Navy pilot, convinced the board of directors of Inter-Island Steam Navigation of the importance of air service to the Territory and formed Inter-Island Airways.
1929October a Bellanca monoplane offered sightseeing service for $5 per person. The original Bellanca has been restored in Oregon.
1929Hawaiian Airlines logo On November 11, Inter-Island Airways, Ltd. launched. FIRST scheduled air service in Hawaii. First scheduled flight from Honolulu to Hilo with stops on Molokai and Maui took three hours, 15 minutes. Airline began at the time of the Great Depression.
1929Inter-Island Airways S-38 Fleet consisted of two, 8-passenger Sikorsky S-38 amphibian airplanes.
193010,367 passengers carried.
1934Hawaiian Airlines logo FIRST Interisland airmail service contract went to Inter-Island Airways.
1935Inter-Island Airways S-43 airplaneAdded 16-passenger Sikorsky S-43s.
193513,000 passengers carried.
193828,000 passengers carried.
1941Name changed to Hawaiian Airlines to pave the way for trans-Pacific operations. Wings logo adopted.
1941Hawaiian Airlines Three new, 24-passenger DC-3s were flown in formation from Oakland, CA to Honolulu in 13 hours and 54 minutes--the then longest over-water flight ever made by a DC-3.
1941December 7th, HA DC-3 #9 with 24 passengers had its cockpit straffed by Japanese fire at Pearl Harbor. The cockpit was on fire; a stray bullet hit the cockpit fire extinguisher putting out the fire. No one was hurt and this event made Ripley's "Believe It Or Not".
1942Hawaiian Airlines logo HA became the FIRST scheduled air cargo service and has U.S. Cargo service certificate #1.
1943Hawaiian Airlines logo FIRST stewardess hired.
1943108,000 passengers carried.
1950The National Safety Council presented HA with a 20-year award; the first airline in history to win this award.
1952Hawaiian Airlines Convair 340 Hawaiian Airlines logo FIRST pressurized, air-conditioned cabin service with 44-passenger Convair 340s costing $520,000 each.
1955Five DC-3s converted windows to larger "Viewmaster" windows.
1955I'iwi bird became part of HA logo.
1958Hawaiian Airlines DC-6 Long-range, four-engine DC-6s were added.
1959498,861 passengers carried.
1966Hawaiian Airlines DC-9-10 Hawaiian Airlines logo Hawaii's FIRST interisland jet service with 99-passenger DC-9-10s.
1966Logo changed to a Jetbird to symbolize change over to jet service.
1973Pualani (flower of the sky) and new unified livery introduced.
1975Hawaiian Airlines DC-9-50 130-passenger DC-9-50s added to fleet.
19773,000,000 plus passengers.
1979Hawaiian Airlines logo FIRST all-female crew to operate a certified U.S. scheduled flight.
1983Frequent Flyer program began as Travel Plus.
1984Hawaiian Airlines DC-8 Worldwide charter service with DC-8s and scheduled service to the South Pacific.
1985Hawaiian Airlines L-1011 Widebody L-1011 aircraft added to fleet.
1985HA launches scheduled service between West Coast and Hawaii.
1986Frequent flyer program renamed Gold Plus.
1994Hawaiian Airlines DC-10 Widebody DC-10s replaced the L-1011 fleet.
1996Hawaiian Airlines logo HA Web site activated.
1998E-ticketing launched.
1999Frequent flyer program renamed HawaiianMiles.
2001Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717 Boeing 717s replaced the DC-9 fleet.
2001Pualani symbol and livery updated for introduction of new fleet.
2002Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767 Boeing 767s replaced all DC-10s making Hawaiian Airlines' fleet among the youngest in the industry.
2003"Hele On" Self Check-In at airports launched.
2003"Hele On" Web Check-In launched.