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Step 3: Packaging And Labeling

Our packaging requirements are designed to get your cargo to its destination in top condition. If you plan to ship special cargo, such as perishables, live animals, or seafood, please refer to the Special Handling Requirements section.

Packaging Requirements

• Shipments must be prepared or packaged to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling.
• If an article is susceptible to damage by ordinary handling or by any condition which may be encountered during air transportation, it must be adequately protected by proper packing and bear the appropriate labels or markings.
• Shipments of articles and commodities that are susceptible to leakage must be packed in solid, leak-proof boxes or inner containers such as heavy polyvinyl bags.
• Each piece must be legibly and durably marked with the name and address of both the Shipper and Consignee.
• Pieces with a weight in excess of the floor bearing capacity of the available aircraft must be provided with a suitable skid or base which will distribute the weight of the pieces so as not to exceed the aircraft's capacity. The total weight of the shipment must include the weight of the skid or base.
• Do not enclose liquids or fragile or perishable articles in the same package as wearing apparel.
• Packing, marking and labeling of hazardous materials/dangerous goods must comply with the Dangerous Goods Regulations, issued by International air Transport Association (IATA) and CFR49.
• Firearms must be packed in a manufacturer's crushproof container made specifically for the firearm(s) or in a hard case. Firearms must be unloaded for transportation; Hawaiian Airlines does not ship ammunition.

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