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Completing an Air Waybill - Middle Section

Air Waybill

Handling Information

This space is used to list a shipper's confirmation number, instructions for special handling, specific information for onward carriage, reference to related air waybills or shipping documents, or other relevant instructions.

Number of pieces

List the total number of pieces in the consignment.

Gross Weight

Give the combined gross weight of all pieces in the shipment. Mark the weight in lbs. or kgs. as appropriate.

Commodity Item Number

List the applicable rate class code and commodity item number code. If this information is unknown, please leave this space blank.

Chargeable Weight

Chargeable weight when applicable. Gross weight minus tare weight for carrier-owned containers. Tariff-allowed tare weight for shipper-owned containers or dimensional weight on bulk shipments.


Rate or charge that applies to the shipment.


The total charge for each entry may be listed on the same horizontal line. When there is more than one entry, the sum may be given at the bottom.

Natre and Quantity of Goods

A description of the nature and quantity of the goods being shipped. This information should include dimensions or volume. Also, please provide unit load device (ULD) type codes, ULD numbers and standard loading symbols.