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Completing an Air Waybill - Top Section

Air Waybill

Shipper's Name and Address

Full name, address, city, state, and zip code of the person, company or organization tendering the shipment.

Shipper's Account Number

If the shipper does not have a Hawaiian Air Cargo account number, leave this space blank. If you want to apply for an account number, print out and complete our credit application.

Consignee's Name and Address

Name, address, city, state and zip code of the person, company or organization to whom the shipment is directed.

Consignee's Account Number

Fill in this information only if the consignee has a Hawaiian Air Cargo account number. Otherwise, leave this space blank.

Issueing Carrier's Agent Name and City

If applicable, list the agent's name and city.

Account Number

Issuing carrier's agent account number.

Airport of Departure

The three-letter code for the airport of departure and requested routing. (e.g., HNL for Honolulu and ITO for Hilo) Also Notify Name and Address (optional). If the party to be notified is different from the consignee, please list the party's name, address and phone number.

Accounting Information

Third-party billing or credit card information.

Routing and Destination by First Carrier

Indicate routing. If shipper does not indicate a routing, Hawaiian Airlines will determine the appropriate routing on the shipper's behalf.

Airport of destination

Please write out the full name of the airport of destination.

Declared Value for Carriage

The declared value of the shipment must be entered. Hawaiian Airline's liability is limited unless the shipper declares a higher value. If no value is declared, please write "NVD" in this space.