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Using The Program

Upon enrollment in the HawaiianMiles program, will I receive a membership card?
Membership cards are now available online for printing through your HawaiianMiles account. Log into your account and in the sidebar under Manage, select the Membership Card option.
I tried to log on to my account using my HawaiianMiles account number and password, but I get an error message. Why can't I log into my account?
Depending on your error message, your HawaiianMiles account number or password could be incorrect. You can actually obtain your HawaiianMiles number or password online using our Online Password Recovery
How can I get my password?
You may call the HawaiianMiles Service Center at 1-877-426-4537 or go online to reset your password.

Earning Miles

Can I request for retroactive flight credits online?
You may request for your retroactive flight credits online. To learn more, go to the Retroactive Flight Miles page.
What are the rules to earning miles for multi-city, Neighbor Island flights?
For multi-city Neighbor Island flights, HawaiianMiles members earn flight credit based on purchased origination and destination cities. In other words, if a member purchases a flight from Kahului directly to Hilo, this flight will count as only one segment. The member will earn only the miles between Kahului and Hilo despite the actual travel experience being Kahului-to-Honolulu; Honolulu-to-Hilo. However, if the member purchases flights point-to-point, meaning one ticket as Kahului-to-Honolulu and a separate, second ticket as Honolulu-to-Hilo, then the member will earn miles as two separate segments/flights rather than just one.

Using or Redeeming Miles

How can I share my miles with my friends and family?
Sign in to your HawaiianMiles account and click on "Share Miles" under "Manage". Please remember that you are only allowed to transfer your miles or “Share Miles” to an account that is a Hawaiian Airlines Visa cardholder. You are allowed up to 10 transactions during a calendar year.
I have an E-Certificate, how do I redeem it?
If you have a special redemption code that was issued to you, then you will need to go to www.HawaiianAirlines.com/Ecertificate to redeem. If no special code was issued to you, then simply sign in to your account and prior to selecting flights, be sure to select the E-Certificate or special promotion to apply. Once the promotion has been applied, you will see the discounted fares reflected for selection.
How do I redeem my miles for an award?
For a flight award, you can sign in to your HawaiianMiles account and click on the Book E-Award button or sign in from our flight selection page and then select ‘Miles’ for display. By changing your display option to "Miles", you will be able to see the available award selection.
For non-flight awards, you may call the HawaiianMiles Service Center at 1-877-426-4537 to redeem miles for the preferred award. To see a list of ground awards, go to Ground Partners.
Do you have a list of your awards?
You may find more information on the flight awards visit the Book Award Flights page. For award flights on partner airlines, visit the Use On Partner Airlines page.
I just tried to redeem my miles for an award to the mainland for 20,000 miles but when I selected my flight, it asked me for 30,000 miles. Why are you asking me to use more miles if the award is 20,000 miles for a one-way between Hawaii and the mainland?
HawaiianMiles has a three-tiered award structure. If the 20,000 miles is available for that particular flight then it will display for you to select. If not, then the next tier of 30,000 miles will display. Most likely the award for 20,000 miles is not available for selection.

Pualani Gold or Platinum Membership

How many more miles or segments do I need to qualify for Pualani Gold status?
You need to fly 30 segments or earn 20,000 flight miles during the calendar year to qualify for Pualani Gold status for the next year. For more information, visit the Membership Levels page.
How many more miles or segments do I need to qualify for Pualani Platinum status?
You need to fly 60 segments or earn 40,000 flight miles during the calendar year to qualify for Pualani Platinum status for the next year. For more information, visit the Membership Levels page.

In-Flight Entertainment

What are the changes for In-flight Entertainment for Pualani Platinum, Pualani Gold, or Premier Club Members?
Pualani Platinum, Pualani Gold and Premier Club members traveling on our North America routes can now enjoy one complimentary “Unlimited TV & More Pack” when flying on our A330 planes. Our Unlimited TV & More Pack features a variety of classic movies, TV shows, music, and games which can be accessed by swiping your Pualani Elite or Premier Club card in the Inflight Entertainment system at the time of purchase.
At the Purchase Option prompt, simply select Purchase Package then swipe your Pualani Platinum, Pualani Gold or Premier Club card for the Purchase Method credit card type. To learn more, visit HawaiianAirlines.com/UnlimitedTV.
Members may use their own headsets or purchase a set in-flight.

Partner Offers

How can I find a list of the HawaiianMiles Partners?
For more information on the HawaiianMiles Hotel and Car Partners, visit the HawaiianMiles Partners page.