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Hawaiian Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Sign up for free and immediately start reaping HawaiianMiles travel benefits—and when the frequent flyer miles start adding up, so do the elite privileges with our Pualani Gold and Pualani Platinum programs.

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Pualani Gold Membership Card

Pualani Gold Membership

  • Fly 30 Segments or...
  • Fly 20,000 Flight Miles*

Pualani Platinum Membership Card

Pualani Platinum Membership

  • Fly 60 Segments or...
  • Fly 40,000 Flight Miles*

Member Benefits Pualani
  Travel 60 segments or 40,000 miles* Travel 30 segments or 20,000 miles* Purchase new membership for annual fee of $299 or 40,000 miles. Enroll now.
No blackout dates for mileage rewards checked checked checked
Special ID Card with associated special handling checked checked checked
More seats available for selection at time of booking reservations checked checked checked
Discounted E-Awards when booking online at HawaiianAirlines.com checked checked checked
Priority routing & handling when calling Exclusive Reservations Line
Must key-in your membership number for priority routing.
checked checked checked
Guaranteed Neighbor Island Economy Class seat up to 72 hours prior to departure when booking a revenue E-ticket checked    
Premier Club/First Class Check-In Line in Honolulu & Neighbor Island Airport (member + 2 guests) checked checked checked
Premier Club Lounge access - Honolulu, Hilo, Kona, Kahului, Lihu'e, Los Angeles checked checked checked
Access to other airline lounges on International routes where available. Member must check with an HA agent at the check-in counter. checked checked  
Priority Security Lines - Honolulu, New York, Oakland, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle
Members must present elite membership card and boarding pass to TSA agent
checked checked checked
Priority Baggage Handling checked checked checked
Check-In Baggage Allowance First 3 bags

Next additional bag charged at 4th bag fee

First 2 bags

Next additional bag charged at 3rd bag fee

First 2 bags
Bonus Frequent Flyer Miles when traveling on a revenue ticket 100% 50%  
Priority Pre-Boarding on flights before general boarding checked checked checked
Complimentary Upgrades

See chart below for details, or click here.

Discounted upgrades with online check-in 24 hours prior to departure for North America flights on Hawaiian Airlines checked checked  
One complimentary “Unlimited TV & More” entertainment pack on our A330 planes when you fly on our North America routes
This pack features a variety of classic movies, TV shows, music, and games. To learn more, click here.
checked checked checked
Neighbor Island Same Day Standby for an earlier flight with no fee.

Luggage must travel on the same flight as the passenger. If you have carry-on luggage only, check with the agent at the Service Counter in the gate area no later than 30 minutes before flight departure. Fares with a standby restriction are not eligible. Unaccompanied minors do not qualify for standby privileges.

checked checked  
SPECIAL BENEFITS - New for 2014!
Invitations to special events hosted by Hawaiian Airlines throughout the U.S. High Priority Based on availability
Top Priority -
when you reach 75,000 miles

NEW Benefits for 2014

Complimentary Upgrade Type Upgrade Description Elite Status Flight(s) Aircraft Type(s)
Pualani Platinum
40,000 miles/
60 segments*
Pualani Gold
20,000 miles/
30 segments*
Neighbor Island Complimentary upgrade to First Class on the day of departure checked   Neighbor Island 717
Complimentary upgrade to Preferred Seat based on availability[1] checked    
First Class
(North America)


Business Class (International) 
one-way upgrade[2]
(First Class only)
  North America/
And when you reach 75,000 miles...
(First Class/
Business Class)

(First Class/
Business Class)
For every additional 10,000 Elite-qualifying miles
Preferred Seat Complimentary upgrade based on availability, route and aircraft [1] checked checked North America/
Select International

[1] Complimentary Preferred Seat upgrades are based on availability on Neighbor Island, North America (767 - Phoenix, Sacramento, and San Jose; A330 - Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle) and select International flights (A330 - Auckland, New Zealand; Osaka, Japan; Papeete, Tahiti; Sydney, Australia; Taipei, Taiwan; and Tokyo/Haneda, Japan) operated by Hawaiian Airlines. Aircraft type per flight destination may be subject to change.

North America & International Flights: Pualani Platinum or Pualani Gold members may list themselves for a complimentary seat (based on availability) with an agent at the customer service podium in the gate area. Preferred Seats will be assigned to Pualani Platinum members first, then Pualani Gold members.

Neighbor Island Flights: Preferred Seats are available for $10. If a First Class upgrade is not available and you're a Pualani Platinum member, you can select a complimentary Preferred Seat on flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines, during check-in on the web/kiosk or request a seat with an Airport Customer Service agent.

[2] Each complimentary First Class/Business Class upgrade certificate entitles the Pualani Platinum member to a one-way upgrade on North America/International flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines and is subject to availability at the time of redemption (refer to chart above). An additional certificate may be redeemed to upgrade Pualani Platinum member’s travel companion on the same itinerary/reservation code. Member may redeem two (2) certificates for round-trip travel, or a maximum total of four (4) certificates if including member’s travel companion. To redeem, the Pualani Platinum member must call the Exclusive Reservations Line (1-800-713-1220) within 72 hours (3 days) and up to 4 hours prior to departure.


A member may not hold more than one elite membership type. Membership will automatically default to the higher level.

*This applies to flights scheduled and operated by Hawaiian Airlines and does not apply to charter flights, airline partner flights, HawaiianMiles partners, or bonus miles. Qualification for Pualani status is required each year based on miles or segments flown between January 1 through December 31 of the year prior. Members that qualify will receive full benefits for the next year.


Still Have Questions?
Visit the HawaiianMiles FAQ Page or contact HawaiianMiles Service Center at 1-877-HA-MILES.