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List of Hawaiian Airlines Fees


Item iconBaggage Fees & Policies - Hawaiian Airlines
Now let’s talk baggage. … You’re welcome to bring on board one piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item. … to check in your baggage for pick-up at your destination.
Item iconBaggage Related Inquiries (Lost / Damaged Baggage) - Hawaiian Airlines
Baggage Related Inquiries (Lost / Damaged Baggage) … Complete a Baggage Irregularity Report or Baggage Damage Report. … all checked baggage incidents for which a Baggage Irregularity Report has been filed.
Item iconCheck-In Pets as Baggage - For Dogs and Cats - Hawaiian Airlines
Check-In Pets as Baggage - For Dogs and Cats … Making Reservations Pet Traveling as Checked Baggage
Item iconInterline Baggage Statement - Hawaiian Airlines
Now, about baggage fees: … baggage fees and rules … You’ll find baggage rules and charges for our interline partner carriers at these links:
Item iconNeighbor Island Baggage Fee Discount - Hawaiian Airlines
… and 2nd checked baggage fees when flying between the Neighbor Islands. … and 2nd checked baggage fees when flying between the Neighbor Islands, traveling wholly within the … Baggage discounts will only be applied when your HawaiianMiles number is present in your reservation …
Item iconBaggage Restrictions for Travel on an Other Airline - Hawaiian Airlines
If so, are you wondering whose checked baggage restrictions apply? … Hawaiian Airlines baggage fees and rules apply to all flights on that ticket. … Hawaiian Airlines’ baggage rules and fees
Item iconCheck-in Pets as Baggage: Household Birds - Hawaiian Airlines
… as check-in baggage, what’s involved and what you need to do, read on. … us as check-in baggage on nonstop flights between North America and Honolulu, Kahului, Lihue and Ko … Bird companions travel in a comfortably pressurized, temperature-controlled baggage compartment.
Item iconSports Equipment - Miscellaneous - Hawaiian Airlines
check-in baggage restrictions … Accepted as Checked Baggage … towards your baggage allowance, but if it’s in excess, each item will be subject to the excess bagg …
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allow, your checked baggage will not be checked to the final destination on your separate ticket.
Item iconSpecial Items - Shooting Equipment - Hawaiian Airlines
And finally, you’ll need to declare baggage containing firearms upon check-in with an agent. … Baggage fees will apply and are charged per piece for each direction. … If your firearms exceed your baggage allowance, excess baggage fees will be charged.


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