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International Contract of Carriage : Rule 105

Acceptance of Pets and Animals

  1. General Conditions Of Acceptance
    1. Pets, limited to dogs, cats and household birds, when properly crated and accompanied by valid health and rabies vaccination certificates, entry permits and other documents required by countries of entry or transit will be accepted for carriage subject to the following requirements. Pets will be accepted as baggage only when accompanied by a passenger traveling on the same aircraft.

      EXCEPTION 1: This rule does not apply to the transportation of live animals pursuant to Rule 56 of this tariff.

      EXCEPTION 2: This rule does not apply to flights originating from or departing to French Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and China. Pets are not accepted as checked baggage on flights originating from or departing to these countries.

      EXCEPTION 3: Brachycephalic (short-nosed) dogs and cats will be accepted for transportation on HA if the owner/shipper agrees to (1) release Hawaiian from any and all liability resulting from the transportation of the animal and (2) not file any claim with Hawaiian relating to the transportation of the animal. The owner/shipper must sign a liability release form prior to HA accepting the animal for transport.
    2. Advanced arrangements must be made.
    3. The animal must be harmless, inoffensive, and odorless and require no attention during transit.
    4. The animal must be confined in a kennel subject to inspection and approval by the carrier prior to acceptance.
    5. The passenger must make all arrangements and assume full responsibility for complying with any applicable laws, customs and/or other governmental regulations, requirements or restrictions of the country, state or territory to which the animal is being transported.
    6. Carriage of animals is limited to one animal per container and one kennel per passenger except that two kittens or two puppies at least 8 weeks of age will be permitted in a single container providing they do not exceed a total weight of 25 lbs.  Carrier will limit the number of containers carried on any flight in order to ensure the safety and well being of any animal transported.
    7. Household Birds will be accepted at the airport ticket counter only and will be permitted to be transported in the baggage compartment only of the aircraft, provided all required entry documentation accompanies the bird upon check-in.
    8. Carrier will refuse acceptance of an animal as checked baggage if the local temperature at the origin, destination, or connecting airports exceeds   85 degrees Fahrenheit/29 degrees Celsius or falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit/7 degrees Celsius.  The temperature at the time the animal is tendered for acceptance will be used as the determining factor.

      Note 1: Animals will not be accepted for check-in to a city that is under a seasonal pet acceptance embargo.

      If HA is unable to accept an animal due to temperature restrictions, the customer may rebook to the next flight with availability for the customer and animal in the original booking class, subject to all conditions of this rule. Any applicable fare differences or date change penalties will be waived for the customer only. Applicable charges for carriage of the animal will apply.
  2. Pets in the Cabin
    Not allowed.
  3. Kennel and Animal Storage
    Maximum Hard-Sided Kennel Size for Animals Checked as Baggage:
    The kennel must not exceed the following dimensions:
    767 40 27 30
    Pet container must be made of leak-proof metal, wood, fiber glass or polyurethane and subject to inspection and approval by carrier prior to flight departure time.
  4. Charges
    The animal and its kennel will not be included in determining the free baggage allowance and will always be subject to a [R] $225.00 charge.