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International Contract of Carriage : Rule 110

Checked and Carry-On Baggage

Subject to the conditions of Rules 97, 100 and 105, passengers may check baggage for carriage in the cargo compartment of the aircraft and/or may carry baggage on board the aircraft subject to the provisions in paragraphs (A) and (B) below. The carrier will determine the suitability of baggage, as to weight, size and character, to be carried in the passenger compartment of the aircraft.

  1. Checked Baggage
    Carrier will check baggage which is tendered by a passenger and which is acceptable under the terms of rules 97, 100 and 105, upon presentation by a passenger of a valid ticket for transportation over the lines of that carrier, subject to the conditions specified below:
    1. Baggage must be checked at the city or airport office designated by the carrier and in advance of flight departure time as prescribed by the carrier.
    2. The passenger's name must appear on the baggage. Carrier will supply baggage identification labels free of charge.
    3. Baggage will not be checked:
      1. To a point that is not specified on the passenger's ticket
      2. Beyond the passenger's next point of stopover or, if there is no stopover, beyond the destination designated on the ticket
      3. Beyond a point at which the passenger wants to reclaim the baggage or any portion thereof
      4. Beyond the point to which all applicable charges have been paid
      5. Beyond a point at which the passenger is to transfer to a connecting flight, it that flight is scheduled to depart from an airport different from the one at which the passenger is scheduled to arrive
      6. Beyond the point to which the passenger holds a reservation.
    4. Live animals will not be checked beyond a point of transfer to another carrier.
  2. Delivery of Checked Baggage by Carrier
    1. Checked baggage will be delivered to the bearer of the baggage check upon payment of all unpaid sums due carrier under contract of carriage and upon return to carrier of the baggage (claim) tag(s) issued in connection with such baggage. Carrier is under no obligation to ascertain that the bearer of the baggage check and baggage (claim) tag is entitled to delivery of the baggage and carrier is not liable for any loss, damage or expense arising out of or in connection with such delivery of the baggage. Except as otherwise provided in subparagraph (3) below, deliver will be made at the destination shown in the baggage check.
    2. If the provisions of subparagraph (1) above, are not complied with by a person claiming the baggage, carrier will deliver the baggage only on condition that such person establishes to carrier's satisfaction his rights thereto and if required by carrier, such person shall furnish adequate security to indemnify carrier for any loss, damage or expense which may be incurred by carrier as a result of such delivery.
    3. At the request of the bearer of the baggage check and baggage (claim) tag(s), checked baggage will be delivered at the place of departure or an intermediate stopping place upon the same condition provided for in subparagraph (1) above, unless precluded by government regulations or unless time and circumstances do not permit. In delivering baggage at the place of departure or at any intermediate stopping place, carrier shall be under no obligation to refund any charges paid.
    4. Acceptance of baggage by the bearer of the baggage check and baggage (claim) tag(s) without written complaint at the time of delivery is presumptive evidence that the baggage and contents have been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of carriage.
    5. Passengers who arrive at the airport of departure for check-in within 30 minutes of scheduled departure or who are traveling on a standby basis and are accepted for carriage will be advised that it may not be possible to load their checked baggage on the flight on which he/she has been accepted for carriage. Such baggage will be accepted only upon execution of a release, supplied by the carrier, which relieves the carrier from liability of any delivery charges resulting from failure of baggage to arrive on the flight on which the passenger traveled unless the carrier has failed to exercise ordinary standards of care in the carriage and delivery of the baggage.
  3. Carry-On Baggage
    1. When baggage is carried on board the aircraft it may be stored in carry-on compartments of aircraft so equipped or it must be retained in the passenger's custody and stored under a seat or in an overhead compartment approved for the carriage of such baggage.
    2. Carry-on baggage must fit under the seat in front of the passenger or be stored in an approved compartment (overhead bin) and is subject to the following additional conditions:

      1. The maximum size is 45 linear inches (9x14x22).
      2. The maximum weight is 25 pound per passenger.
    3. HA has a limit of one (1) piece of carry-on baggage, which may change from time to time without notice. In addition to the carry-on bag, passenger may carry on a personal item such as a purse, briefcase, laptop computer, back pack, or similar piece. When flights are full, ha reserves the right to stow carry-on baggage in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. Carry-on baggage may be limited further by aircraft type or storage availability.

      EXCEPTION: Any assistive device brought into the cabin by a qualified individual with a disability shall not be subject to the above limitation.