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International Contract of Carriage : Rule 97

Acceptance of Baggage

Carrier will assume the following expenses for all its passengers, regardless of class of service, incurred as a result of cancellation, delay or interruption of carrier's flight on which a passenger holds confirmed reservations or a passenger paying a standby fare provided such passengers have been cleared for boarding on the flight. Carrier will advise all passengers of the available amenities when a delay is expected to exceed four hours.
  1. Baggage-General Conditions of Acceptance
    HA will accept for transportation as baggage, such personal property as is necessary or appropriate for the wear, use, comfort, or convenience of the passenger for the purpose of the trip, subject to the following conditions:
    1. All baggage is subject to inspection. HA will refuse to transport or will remove at any point baggage that the passenger refuses to submit for inspection.
    2. HA has the right to refuse to accept for transport as baggage any item that, in HA’s sole judgment:
      1. Creates a risk of harm or annoyance to other passengers;
      2. Whose size, weight, or character renders it unsuitable for transportation on the particular aircraft which is to transport it, or which cannot be accommodated without harming or annoying passengers;
      3. Poses a risk to other baggage or cargo;
      4. HA is prohibited from carrying by any law, regulation or government directive;
      5. Is in a condition which creates an unreasonable risk of damage to the baggage under normal handling conditions;
      6. Is not suitable or adequately packaged to withstand ordinary handling, unless the passenger executes a release form; or
      7. Is otherwise unsuitable for transportation.
    3. Notwithstanding Rule 4(B)(4), HA will accept dry ice if the following quantities and conditions are met:
      1. A maximum of 2.5 kg. (5.5 lbs.) of dry ice in checked baggage per person when used to refrigerate perishables.
      2. A maximum of 2.5 kg. (5.5 lbs.) in carry-on baggage per person when used to refrigerate perishables.
        The package containing the dry ice must be:
        1. Declared at the initial point of check-in; and
        2. The packaging containing the dry ice must be clearly marked “Dry Ice” or “Carbon Dioxide, Solid;” and
        3. For checked baggage, the packaging must also indicate the net weight of the dry ice (2.5 kg. or less); and
        4. For checked baggage, the packaging must also provide the ability for the release of the gas during transport.
  2. Quantity and/or Size Maximums
    No article will be accepted for transportation if the maximum outside linear dimensions exceed 80 in. or if the article weighs more than 100 pounds.

    EXCEPTION 1: This provision does not apply to assistive devices or mobility aids as defined in 14 CFR Part 382.

    EXCEPTION 2: Items in excess of 70 lbs./32 kg will not be accepted for travel between the US and Australia or New Zealand. Regulatory or other labor laws that require lower maximum weight limits will supersede the maximum weight stated in this paragraph.
  3. Acceptance of Special Items and Live Animals
    Special items listed in Rule 100 will only be accepted in accordance with the additional provisions and/or charges specified in that rule. Live animals will only be accepted in accordance with the additional provisions and/or charges specified in Rule 105.