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Flowers / Nursery

Hawaiian Airlines Cargo Flowers

When shipping flowers and plants, the following requirements will help your greenery arrive as fresh as a daisy.


• Advance booking is required.
• The shipper is required to book the total number of pieces in the consignment as well as weight and dimensions of each box.
• Shipment must comply with all local, state, federal and international regulations.
• Cargo may be inspected to ensure that it complies with both FAA security procedures and Hawaiian Airlines packaging requirements.
• Weather conditions may affect the transportation of perishable goods. Therefore, the shipper may be required to sign a perishable disclaimer.

Packaging Requirements

• Shipments must have appropriate labels on boxes.
• Cut flowers and nursery stock shipments must show the total cubic measurement on the exterior of all boxes.
• Boxes should indicate any temperature constraints if applicable.
• Each piece must be legibly and durably labeled with the names and addresses of the both the shipper and consignee.
• Shipments must be prepared or packaged to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling.


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