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Interisland Rates - JetExpress


  Origin Destination Weight Rate
JT1 A A Less than 1 lb 15 USD
JT2 A A 1-10 lbs 45 USD
JT3 A A 11-50 lbs 45 USD
JT4 A A 51-70 lbs 55 USD
JT5 A A 71-100 lbs 80 USD

JetExpress Instructions


• Must be prepaid at origin. No collect shipments allowed.
• Must consist of a single piece that meets the size and weight limitations or no more than two pieces banded together to make one piece.
   -  Must not exceeed 100 pounds.
   -  Dimensions may not exceed 90 linear inches (L+W+H)

Not Accepted:

• Dangerous Goods
• Live Animals
• Perishables (EXCEPT Cut flowers and Leis)
• Human Organs
• Human Organ By-products
• Human Blood
• Human Blood By-products
• Diagnostic Specimens
• High Value Items

If you need to ship these items, please consider our Priority Air or General Air rates.