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Hawaiian Airlines Cargo Shipping Pets

At Hawaiian, we make your pet’s health, safety and comfort a priority. We offer convenient ways to transport your dog or cat.

The State of Hawaii is a rabies-free state. That’s why all animals originating from a point outside the Hawaiian Islands must clear quarantine at the first point of entry (either Honolulu or Kahului for Hawaiian Airlines Cargo flights). For additional info, please review our online Government Regulations section and contact the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture, Animal Quarantine Station at 808-483-7171.

Acceptance At Cargo

Pet restrictions apply.
• Should the combined weight of the pet and kennel exceed 70 lbs, your pet may be accepted at our Cargo facility, subject to applicable fees and space availability.
• Pet traveling unaccompanied, may be accepted at our Cargo facility, subject to applicable fees and space availability.
• Pet will be loaded in the baggage compartment of a passenger flight.
• We invite you to visit our Cargo website for more information.
• Please note: No cargo facility available at San Jose, CA or Oakland, CA


• Advance booking is required.
• All shipments of live animals must comply with IATA Live Animal, USDA/APHIS and U.S. Fish and Wildlife regulations.
• Shipment must comply with all local, state, federal and international regulations.
• The shipper must obtain the documentation required for the transport of the animal including a Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian not more than ten (10) days prior to flight departure for flights from Hawaii or not more than fourteen (14) days for flights to Hawaii.

Container Requirements

• The container must be suitable for the animal being transported and appropriate for air transportation.
• The animal must be able to stand, turn and lie down in a natural manner. Note that this rule varies by species.
• The shipper must supply a leak-proof container as well as absorbent bedding that is suitable for the animal.
• Water containers must be provided inside and accessible from outside the container.




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