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Cheap Flights To Kauai

One of Hawaii’s hidden gems is the island of Kauai, home to the state’s only navigable rivers and the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. This spectacular island boasts a coastline dotted with sea cliffs of up to an imposing 3000 feet and is abundant with natural beauty. To discover Hawaii’s Island of Discovery however, one must first discover affordable airfare. Finding cheap flights to Kauai may be easier than you may think and simply requires some research and attention to detail. By following a few tips and tricks of seasoned travelers on a budget, you’ll be on your way to the Island of Discovery while adhering to your budget and traveling in comfort and style.

A big difference in airfare prices may sometimes be found from one airport to the next. Research other airports within your region to determine if traveling in or out of a major metropolitan area will save you money. However, beware that the cost of traveling the extra distance doesn’t equal or outweigh any perceived savings in airfare. If planning to visit more than one of the Hawaiian Islands, research airports on each island for price comparisons. Be sure to complete this research prior to reserving any activities or hotel accommodations in case financial savings prompts you to change the order in which you visit the islands. You may find more cheap flights to Kauai than to the Big Island and decide to begin your tropical getaway in this most tranquil and beautiful of settings.

Research the various inclusive vacation packages available through your airline. Grouping airfare, lodging, rental car and activities under one affordable price may often save money as compared to purchasing each separately. Additionally, these packages help take the worry out of travel by setting up all reservations under one “account” and confirming arrangements before arrival. The Waimea Canyon, referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” stretches an impressive 10 miles, offering various vantage points for sightseeing and photo taking and is best explored by car. Purchasing cheap flights to Kauai as part of a vacation package will have the rental car reservation all set and paid for before you enjoy the first hint of the Hawaiian breeze.

Finding Kauai travel deals is the first step in taking the vacation of your dreams on this most unique island overflowing with aloha spirit, beautiful scenery and luxurious accommodations.