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Kauai, Hawaii: Plan a Kauai Vacation

Kauai, Hawaii:
Plan a Kauai Vacation


With more waterfalls and beaches per square mile than any of its neighbors, the "Garden Isle" of Hawaii, Kauai offers endless opportunities for adventure and romance. Golf at Princeville, dine at Bali Hai, and walk on golden sand at Poipu, the playground of royals.

Kauai Districts

 Kauai Districts

 Waimea, Princeville, Hanalei, Bali Hai—it seems like every part of Kaua`i, Hawaii is legendary. The island is a place of unparalleled natural beauty, and thus far, all of the commercialization has occurred along the coastline. Although big-city dwellers occasionally complain about the lack of nightlife, most visitors feel that Kaua`i offers a near-perfect tropical getaway. More...

Lihue Kauai Entertainment

Lihue Kauai Entertainment

Citified vacationers joke that Kauai is the sort of sleepy little island that closes up entirely after sunset. That was probably true a few years ago, but the growing tourism industry has brought about more than a few changes to the entertainment and dining scene. But Lihue, Kauai`s strong suit still lies in its traditional Hawaiian entertainment and in its daytime outdoor activities, which are diverse and widespread. Anyone who sticks with diving, golf, hiking, and surfing by day, plus luaus at night, is likely to be more than satisfied. More...

Dining and Drinking on Kauai

Dining and Drinking on Kauai

While one can't assume that the quality of restaurants on Kaua`i will be uniformly high, there are some good bets to be found around the island. First time visitors are well advised to research restaurants in advance. The real jewels are sometimes hidden. The restaurants noted below are just the highlights of each region-of course, there are many more tucked away. Get friendly with a local and he or she just might share a few insider secrets. More...

Where to Stay in Hawaii, Kauai

Where To Stay on Kauai

Kaua`i is a little jewel of an island, boasting more miles of accessible coastline than any of its Hawaiian neighbors. Since it is 98 percent undeveloped, hotel planners have plenty of space to use, and most of them choose to occupy it with graceful, sprawling, low-rise resorts (the opposite of the Honolulu hotel scheme). The resulting tropical paradise is modern yet still peaceful, with plenty of attractions for vacationers on the go and plenty of quiet spots for vacationers who just want to relax. More...

Kauai Statistics

Kaua'i by the Numbers

Elevation: Sea level to 5,148 feet
Average Annual Rainfall: 55.7 inches
Average January Temperature: 68.3 degrees F
Average July Temperature: 75.5 degrees F
Time Zone: GMT-10
Area Code: 808
Population: 60,000
Ethnic Mix: 22% Hawaiian, 21% Caucasian, 19% Japanese, 12% Filipino, 4% Chinese, 22% Other

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Did You Know?

Kaua'i is the oldest of the five main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. Today, Waialeale, Kaua`i's principal volcano, has eroded and now stands at 5,148 feet at its peak. The volcano is also home to one of the wettest spots in the world; the northern slopes of Waialeale get over 450 inches of rain annually.

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Kaua'i is situated in the Hawaiian Island chain in the Pacific Ocean. Of the major islands, which include Hawai'i, Maui, Moloka'i, and O'ahu, Kaua'i is the furthest west. The Hawaiian Islands are approximately 2,600 miles from mainland United States.