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Travel to Lanai, Hawaii

The former Pineapple Isle is currently a work in progress. Emerald golf courses, white sand beaches, and other bits of color entice visitors. Lana`i City hearkens back to the past, while Manele and Koele hint at what is yet to come.


Much of Lana`i is like a blank slate. It isn't covered in black lava rock like the Big Island or covered in greenery like Kaua`i. It's just an empty expanse of sparse brown grass, red earth, and blue sky, criss-crossed here and there with dirt roads and dotted with fields. The highway that leads to town is simply a windy two-lane road, while the harbor is the size of a lakeside harbor in any county park on the mainland. More...


Outdoor activities are the island's main attraction. Golf at either of the two main resorts is world-class, while the rest of the island provides great 4x4 off-roading. Other activities include hiking, sailing, and diving. More...

Dining and Drinking

Anyone who stays in Lana`i for a week can visit all of its restaurants. It's not difficult; there are a total of 11 on the island. It's even easier to hit the bars; there are only three of them. Basically, the island has top tier and bottom-tier dining, with very little in between. At the two main resorts, one can feast on pan-roasted lobster and diver scallops, while at the tiny eateries in town, the order of the day is fried Spam and eggs. The contrast is almost funny.

Where To Stay

In a way, there's nothing easier than finding lodging on Lana`i. The island is tiny, and there are approximately a half-dozen places to stay, most of them in the main town. However, with only a half-dozen establishments (about 350 rooms) to choose from, it goes without saying that options are somewhat limited.

They are not as limited as one might think, though. The former Pineapple Isle has its five-star resorts, its charming country-style inns, its campgrounds, and its private guest homes.

Lana`i by the Numbers

Elevation: Sea level to 3,366feet
Average Annual Rainfall: 50 inches
Average January Temperature: 66 degrees F
Average July Temperature: 71 degrees F
Time Zone: GMT-10
Area Code: 808
Population: 3,000
Ethnic Mix: 22% Hawaiian, 21% Caucasian, 19% Japanese, 12% Filipino, 4% Chinese, 22% Other

Did You Know?

Lana`i is often called Hawaii's most secluded island, and for good reason. For many years, almost all of Lana`i was dedicated to growing Hawaii's most popular export, pineapples. Also, because of the island's tiny size (only 18 miles wide by 13 miles long), Lana`i is frequently overlooked for larger tourist hotspots like Honolulu and Waikiki.


Lana`i is located in Maui county, east of the islands of Moloka`i and Maui.