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Neighbor Island Travel Plan

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why are you offering these plans?
A: We're always trying to find new ways to make Neighbor Island travel more affordable and convenient. We want to take some of the uncertainty out of planning your travel by letting you buy your travel in advance, at a fixed low price, with restrictions you understand in advance.
Q: Can anyone purchase a Travel Plan?
A: Only member of the HawaiianMiles program can purchase these Travel Plans. It's easy to join HawaiianMiles if you're not already a member - just click here. The Neighbor Island Travel Plan excludes corporate, affiliate, charity, travel agents, merchant, Bank of America small business, and Bank of Hawaii small business accounts (HawaiianMiles accounts that start with 191-199).
Q: Can I purchase a Travel Plan for someone else?
A: At the moment, the Travel Plan is available only to the HawaiianMiles member buying the plan. Please be sure your HawaiianMiles number appears on the purchase and confirmation page. These plans are not transferrable to another person.
Q: Can I purchase multiple Travel Plans?
A: You have the opportunity to purchase multiple Travel Plans, but not of the same plan for 12 months. For example, if you purchase the Noa (Freedom) Plan in December, you cannot purchase another Noa Plan for 12 months. You are able to purchase other plans such as the Hana a Walea (Work and Play), Kipa (Visit and Explore) or Alahula (My Favorite Island) Plan.
Q: Anything else I should know before I purchase?
A: Please read all the restrictions (advance booking, minimum night stays and blackout departure times) and the Terms and Conditions of the Travel Plan carefully.
  • Non-stop flights only: The Neighbor Island Travel Plan is good towards non-stop flights. These exclude any itineraries that require a stop in Honolulu and multi-city trips.
  • Travel for the purchaser only: You cannot combine the Travel Plans with another person to your itineray whether they have either purchased a Travel Plan or regular fare.
  • Expires in 12 months: All trips must be flown by the end of your expiration date.
  • Online bookings: All bookings must be done online and changes made through the call center.
When can I renew my plan?
At the beginning of Neighbor Island Travel Program (NITP) plan’s expiring month, the customer will have the opportunity to renew their plan through their Hawaiian Miles Account Summary Page, the NITP page (must be logged-in), or they will receive an email with a renewal link. For a limited time, there will be a discount for renewals.
The discount will expire on the last day of the plan’s expiration month. Any renewals or purchases afterwards, there will be no discount. The renewal discount only applies to current purchasers of NITP. Customer cannot renew their plan early. They can only renew within the last month of expiration.
For example, if the customer’s plan expires at the end of January. Starting on January 1st, the customer will have the opportunity to renew the plan. The renewal discount will expire on January 31st.

Purchase, Fees, Refunds and Fare Changes

Q: Am I able to pay for the Travel Plan in installments?
A: No, full payment is due at the time of purchase.
Q: Can I apply an E-Certificate or credit (ETCO or TCO) or discounts towards a purchase of a Travel Plan?
A: No. Discounts (E-certificates), gift cards, gift certificates, transportation credit orders (ETCO, paper TCO), and other credit cannot be applied towards the purchase of a Travel Plan.
Q: Does the cost of the Travel Plan include US Transportation tax and other transportation fees?
A: Yes, the price includes US Transportation tax, appropriate security, airport taxes and fees.
Q: What happens if I cancel my flight?
A: You will be responsible for any applicable change fees or an override penalty (see below).
Q: Do I have to pay for anything else after I purchase a Neighbor Island Travel Plan?
A: Any applicable change fees, restriction override penalties, and baggage fees will apply. Once your segment is booked, change fees will apply. A flat fee of $35 per itinerary will apply as long as your new travel follows any travel restrictions (e.g., minimum night stays, departure black out times) that come with your plan.
Q: What is a restriction override penalty?
A: Any change that violates any of the travel restrictions, an override penalty of $50 per itinerary will be assessed in lieu of the change fee. This penalty is applicable to all users of the plan, regardless of your HawaiianMiles or Corporate status.
Q: How do I change the time of my flight?
A: Currently, all changes must be made by Hawaiian Airlines Reservations at 1-800-367-5320 (select change itinerary option). Hawaiian Airlines Reservations operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. Any applicable change fee or restriction override penalty, must be collected at the time of change. In the future, we plan to provide you with the ability to make these changes yourself online.
Q: I am a Pualani Platinum member. Do I have to pay a change fee?
A: No. However, any applicable restriction override penalty will apply.
Q: Do my HawaiianMiles elite (Platinum, Gold) and Premier Club benefits still apply?
A: All applicable benefits apply except for travel under the Alahula (My Favorite Island) which earns 80 miles per segment and the Pualani Platinum 72 hour prior to departure guaranteed seat. Please keep in mind, the restriction override penalty applies to everyone.
Q: Can I obtain a refund for the Travel Plan I purchased?
A: Travel Plans are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.
Q: What happened if the web fares change?
A: Neighbor Island Travel Plans are specially priced and are not adjusted for any changes in web fares once you purchase your plan.
Q: Can purchases made under the Travel Plan be exchanged for other fares or offers?
A: No, purchases under the Neighbor Island Travel Plan cannot be exchanged for other fares or offers.
Q: What happens if there are any changes to the Travel Plans in the future?
A: You are locked into the plan that you purchased. Any changes that are made are applicable only to new purchases.

Redeeming and Traveling

Q: What if my travel includes more than one flight segment? For example, I want to travel from Kona to Lihue with a connection in Honolulu.
A: The Neighbor Island Travel Plan is good towards non-stop flights (these exclude any itineraries that require a stop in Honolulu or multi-city trips).
Q: How do I redeem my Travel Plan?
A: You can redeem your Travel Plan online. A special E-certificate will be issued to your HawaiianMiles online account and you can redeem that E-certificate for your allotment of future bookings, within the Travel Plan validity period. We have created a special User Guide for you
Q: What restrictions apply to these plan?
A: While we want to make sure using the plans as hassle-free as possible, some of the plans do come with restrictions. These may limit the times of day that you can travel using the plan, or require overnight stays. We have tried to create plans that meet the needs of a wide range of travelers. Please review the restrictions-which are clearly highlighted in the product descriptions-before you purchase.
Q: With the Travel Plan is there a possibility that I would not be able to get a confirmed seat?
A: As long as there is an economy seat available on a flight that is eligible under your plan, you will receive a confirmed seat.
Q: If I purchase one of the Travel Plans and fly with someone that is not on the Travel Plan, can we sit together?
A: Seat assignment is based on availability, and we cannot guarantee the availability of a seat next to a passenger traveling separately. We will however, do our best to accommodate your requests.
Q: Can I use the Travel Plan for mainland or international travel?
A: Currently this plan is being offered only for travel wholly within the State of Hawaii, on flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines.
Q: Are there any blackout periods for the Travel Plan?
A: There are no blackout dates; however depending on the plan purchased there may be times of the day when the Travel Plan cannot be used. See the program restrictions for descriptions of blackout times of day.
Q: Can I upgrade to first class?
A: Yes, you can upgrade to first class using same day standby (Pualani Platinum & Gold members) or awards upgrades; however you cannot exchange your Travel Plan ticket for a confirmed first class seat.

Expiration and Extension

Q: How long do I get to travel?
A: You have 12 consecutive months after the 1st day of month from purchase to complete all travel. For example, if you purchased the plan between April 1th and April 30th, your plan will expire on April 30th in the following year.
Q: What happens if I still have unused E-certificates when the Travel Plan expires?
A: Please be sure to use all E-certificates prior to expiration. Any unused E-certificates will be voided at the end of the Travel Plan. Once volid, E-certifcates have no monetary value, nor can they be exchanged for other travel.
Q: Can I book travel outside of my Travel Plan's expiration date?
A: No, you can only book a flight up to the end of your plan's end date. For example, if your plan ends on December 31, 2014, the last day you can book a flight will be December 31, 2014.
Q: Can I extend my Travel Plan?
A: At this time we do not have an option to extend your Travel Plan. You have 12 consecutive months from purchase to complete all travel. In the future, we hope to have attractive extension options for loyal customers.
Q: Will these plans be offered all the time?
A: The Travel Plans are for purchase at any time; however we reserve the right to change or to stop selling these plans at any time. So please purchase your plan now!