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Preferred Seats

Make your next travel experience comfortable by purchasing or upgrading to a preferred seat. When you do, you’ll receive priority zone 2 boarding and more leg room. This means early access to the overhead compartments and time to relax and settle in your seat.

Preferred Seat Fees:

Seat fees vary based upon your flight route.*

Preferred Seat Price*

Neighbor Island


North America


*Seats are sold per flight and per passenger and are non-refundable.  Flights are to and from Honolulu.

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Preferred Seats by Route and Aircraft

Neighbor Island Preferred Seats (717 Aircraft)

Boeing 717 Preferred Seats
  • Row 4: available for purchase during check-in
  • Rows 16 & 17(exit row & seats do not recline): available for purchase in advance and during check-in

North America Preferred Seats (767 Aircraft)

  • There are 7 Preferred Seats available for purchase on North American routes operated with our 767 aircraft. These seats vary by aircraft.

Purchase Your Preferred Seat in Advance

You may purchase a Preferred Seat in advance on our 717. All Preferred Seat purchases or upgrades are based on availability per flight. (All flights shown are to/from Honolulu. Preferred Seats are only available on flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines.)

Neighbor Island Routes

  • Hilo (Hawaii Island)
  • Kahului (Maui)
  • Kona (Hawaii Island)
  • Lihue (Kauai)

Purchase Your Preferred Seat During Check-in

Preferred Seats on our 767 aircraft are available for upgrade at the time of check-in via the web, kiosk or airport customer service agent. You may also upgrade to a Preferred Seat during check-in on any of our 717 or A330 aircraft. Preferred Seats are not available for purchase on our international routes operated with a 767 aircraft (Preferred Seats upgrades are based on availability per flight.)

North America Routes

 (Routes operated with our 767 aircraft)
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • Sacramento
  • Oakland
  • Los Angeles
  • San Jose

Need More Information?

To learn more about our Preferred Seats, visit our FAQs or Terms and Conditions .