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Contract of Carriage : Rule 10

Passports and Visas - Responsibility of Passenger

  1. Each passenger desiring transportation across any international boundary shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents and for complying with the laws of each country from, through or to which he desires transportation, and unless applicable laws provide otherwise, shall indemnify each carrier for any loss, damage, or expense suffered or incurred by such carrier by reason of such passenger's failure to do so. No carrier shall be liable for any aid or information given by any agent or employee of such carrier to any passenger in connection with obtaining such documents or complying with such laws, whether given orally or in writing or otherwise; or for the consequences to any passenger resulting from his failure to obtain such documents or to comply with such laws.

  2. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, the passenger shall pay the applicable fare whenever the carrier, on Government order, is required to return a passenger to his point of origin or elsewhere due to the passenger's inadmissibility into or deportation from a country, whether of transit or of destination. The fare applicable will be the fare that would have been applicable had the original ticket designated the revised destination on the new ticket. Any difference between the fare so applicable and the fare paid by the passenger will be collected from or refunded to the passenger as the case may be. Carrier will apply to the payment of such fares any funds paid by the passenger to the carrier for unused carriage, or any funds of the passenger in possession of the carrier. The fare collected for carriage to the point of refusal or deportation will not be refunded by the carrier unless the law of such country requires that such fare be refunded.