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Contract of Carriage : Rule 180


Except as otherwise provided, stopovers are permitted at points in Hawaii, on transportation between points in Hawaii and points in Continental. United States, upon payment of the combination of applicable fares, or stopover charges when provided in transportation, unless the applicable tariff specifically permits without charge, at intermediate points on the applicable routing.

A stopover, as used herein, occurs when a passenger arrives at an intermediate or junction transfer point on a flight of any carrier and fails to depart from such intermediate or junction transfer point on:

  1. The first flight on which space is available; or

  2. The flight that will provide for the passenger's earliest arrival at intermediate or junction transfer point(s) or destination point, via the carrier and class of service as shown on the passenger's ticket. Provided, however, that in no event will a stopover occur when the passenger departs from the intermediate or junction transfer point on a flight shown in the carrier's official general schedules and/or service patterns as departing within 4 hours after his/her arrival at such point.