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Contract of Carriage : Rule 255


  1. The carrier will reroute a passenger at the passenger's request and upon presentation of the ticket or portion thereof held by the passenger.

  2. Fare Applicable to Rerouting or Change in Destination
    1. The passenger may change the routing and/or the ultimate destination designated on his/her ticket in accordance with Paragraph 2) below, PROVIDED that, after transportation has commenced, a one way ticket will not be converted into a round/circle/open-jaw trip ticket.

      1. Except as otherwise provide in Rule 240 (Flight Delays/Cancellations), the fare and charges applicable when a rerouting or change in ultimate destination is made at the passenger's request at an office of the carrier before arrival at the ultimate destination named on the original ticket, will be the fare and charges that would have been applicable had the original ticket designated the routing and/or ultimate destination as revised by the new ticket. Any difference between the fare and charges so applicable and the fare and charges applicable to the original ticket issued to the passenger will be collected from or refunded to the passenger, as the case may be.

      2. Notwithstanding the provisions of this rule, the carrier will not accept for any purposes under this rule, passenger tickets or related transportation documents issued by any carrier which is in substantial default of its interline obligations.

        EXCEPTION Not withstanding the provisions of this paragraph, tickets issued by the defaulting carrier will be reissued/rerouted only between the points named on the original ticket which were served by another carrier, solely for transportation via the other carrier, provided such tickets were issued by such defaulting carrier in its capacity as agent for the carrier and specified transportation via the carrier. When tickets are accepted, no adjustments in fare will be made which would require the other carrier to refund money to the passenger.