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Contract of Carriage : Rule 260

Involuntary Refunds

  1. The amount the carrier will refund upon surrender of the unused portion of the passenger's ticket according to Rules 35 (Refusal to Transport), 50 (Acceptance of Children), 235 and 240 (Flight Delays/Cancellations), will be:
    1. If no portion of the ticket has been used:
      HA will refund an amount equal to the fare and charges applicable to the ticket issued to the passenger.

      If a portion of the ticket has been used the refund will be an amount equal to the lowest applicable direct one-way fare (or, on round/circle/open-jaw trip tickets to which a discount applies,50% of the round-trip fare) for the classes of service paid or less the same rate of discount that was applied in computing the original fare and charges applicable from the point of termination to the destination named on the ticket, or to the point at which air transportation is to be resumed:
      1. The routing specified on the ticket, if the point of termination was on the routing of the ticket, or

      2. The routing of any carrier(s) operating direct service between such points, if the point of termination was not on the routing specified on the ticket.

        The amount of refund will not exceed the fare for the portion of the ticket from the last point of stopover to the last point of stopover to the next point of stopover/final destination.

        EXCEPTION 1: The carrier will make no refund:
        When the destination designated on the passengers ticket is: and the flight on which the passenger is being transported terminates at
        LAX ONT
        OAK SFO
        ONT LAX
        SFO OAK

    2. Notwithstanding the provisions of this rule, the carrier will not accept for any purposes under this rule, passenger tickets or related transportation documents issued by any carrier which is in substantial default of its interline obligations