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Contract of Carriage : Rule 4

Restricted Items

  1. Interference with Equipment
    HA does not permit any device or object that may interfere with the normal operations of its equipment on board the aircraft. HA Customer Service Agents and/or Flight Attendants reserve the right to (a) require that you refrain from using, or (b) remove from your possession, the device or object during the flight.
  2. HA reserves the right to refuse to transport certain items, including but not limited to the following:
    1. Flammable Items
      1. Camping Stoves and Camping Devices:
        HA does not accept new, used or partially used camping stoves or any camping device, which may have contained a flammable liquid fuel or other dangerous materials, whether in checked or carryon baggage. In addition, HA does not accept new, used or partially used fuel or gasoline canisters, whether cleaned (purged) or not, new or used gas stoves, whether cleaned or not, in checked or carryon baggage.
      2. Fire Dance Apparatuses:
        HA does not accept any new, used, or partially-used fire dance apparatuses in checked or in carryon baggage. The fire dance apparatuses are not accepted regardless of whether or not they have come into contact with flammable liquids, flammable gases, or solid fuel.
      3. Explosives, munitions, fireworks, and flares
      4. Gases such as camping gas (i.e. flammable, non-flammable, and poisonous flammable liquids such as lighter or heating fuels, lighter refills and lighter fluid).
      5. Flammable solids (i.e., as strike anywhere matches and articles which are easily ignited); torch lighters, grill/fireplace lighters, micro-torches, and lighters with unabsorbed liquid.
        Exception: One book of safety matches (book matches) OR one lighter (butane or absorbed liquid) may be carried in the aircraft cabin (either on your person or in your carry-on baggage).
        Note:  No matches and lighters (unless the lighter complies with the special exception for specific, approved containers) are allowed in checked baggage.
      6. Substances liable to spontaneous combustion
      7. Substances which on contact with water emit flammable gases
    2. Restricted Animals
      Hawaiian Airlines will not accept for transportation exotic animals (i.e., monkeys, peacocks, ferrets, etc.), rodents (i.e., rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, etc.); spiders, chickens, roosters, reptiles (i.e., snakes, turtles, etc.) or live fish as carryon or checked baggage system-wide.
      Exception: Hawaiian Airlines may make an exception under this rule for service and/or emotional support or psychiatric service animals. Allowances must be made in advance and approvals are on a case-by-case basis.
    3. Tires
      HA does not accept tires, whether in checked or carryon baggage. For the purpose of this rule, tires are defined as any type of tire, which purpose is to be installed on a road, recreational, or terrain vehicle.
    4. HA will not accept as checked or carryon baggage any article which is listed in the DOT hazardous materials regulations (49 CFR 171-177); the International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by air and/or the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (See Rule 190(A)(3) for exception for dry ice).
    5. Spare lithium or lithium-ion batteries must be transported in carry-on baggage only and must be packed as follows:
      1. Loose batteries must be kept away from metal objects, such as coins, keys, jewelry.
      2. Spare batteries should be kept in original store packaging. If original packaging is not available, tape should be placed across terminals or placed in its own protective case, plastic bag, or package.
    6. Salt water samples and/or any specimens contained or transported in salt water, including but not limited to turtles, fish, live coral, etc., will not be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage. Such items may be transported via Cargo subject to Cargo regulations and carriers’ requirements for proper packaging of those items.
  3. HA will refuse to accept the following property to either be carried on or checked in as baggage unless an explicit exception is provided within this rule:
    1. Briefcases and attache cases installed with alarm devices
    2. Oxidizing substances - i.e. such as mercury
    3. Acids, alkalis, and wet cell batteries except as provided in Rule 195
    4. Magnetized materials
    5. Paints - any water or oil based paints except artist’s paints for personal use
      Exception: Artist's paint for personal use will be accepted in carry on baggage only. A material safety data sheet (MSDS) for each brand/type of tube of paint must be provided to HA. Compliance to all TSA regulations is required.
    6. Any internal combustion engine, including but not limited to chainsaws
    7. Individual food heater pouches which contain potassium permanganate (approximately 15 grams) which are hermetically sealed, and vacuum packed as they are considered as an "OXIDIZER (CLASS 5.1), Packing Group II."
    8. Hand/Toe Warmers or any other self-heating, air-activated packs of chemicals.
    9. Styrofoam containers (unless packed inside an outer container or box)
    10. Light bulbs - All types
    11. Self-defense spray including but not limited to pepper spray and mace.
    12. Segway®-Human Transporters (HT), except when used as assistive devices.
    13. All self-heating beverage containers.
    14. Fermented fish sauces of all types regardless of packaging.
    15. Swingless golf clubs.
    16. Personal Air Purifiers and powered air filtration systems are restricted from use while onboard aircraft
    17. Vaccinations of any kind for medical or research facility use
    18. Any item that may be a corrosive substance or, in the opinion of HA, may cause damage to the aircraft
    19. Electronic Smoking Devices-The charging, recharging, or use of electronic smoking devices (such as electronic cigarettes, cigars, and pipes) is prohibited by passengers and crew members while onboard aircraft. Furthermore, these electronic smoking devices shall not be packed in checked baggage.
      Exception: Electronic smoking devices shall only be permitted in the passenger’s carry-on baggage
    20. Electro-shock weapons such as Tasers which contain dangerous goods such as explosives, compressed gases, lithium batteries, etc. are prohibited in carry-on baggage or checked baggage or on the person.
    21. Personal compressed oxygen cannisters, canned oxygen, recreational oxygen, and flavored oxygen are prohibited from carriage onboard by passengers or crewmembers.
    22. Powder-actuated cartridges.
    23. Portable humidifiers (powered by USB port of the IFE on aircraft).
  4. HA will refuse to accept any item or property for carriage either as carry-on or as checked in baggage that is deemed unacceptable by TSA.
    Note: HA will not allow any liquids, gels or aerosols to be carried on to any HA flight whether hand carried or in carryon baggage in accordance with TSA prohibited items list, with exceptions that may be found on the TSA website at www.tsa.gov.
  5. HA will refuse to accept any item or property for carriage either as carry-on or as checked in baggage which may be in violation of any federal or state governmental regulation.
  6. HA has the right to refuse carriage of any animal deemed by HA to pose a potential health risk to other passengers on a flight.
  7. Confiscated Items
    HA will not be liable or responsible for any items confiscated or damaged by TSA or removed from baggage by HA based on this Rule. For items confiscated by TSA, passengers must contact TSA directly for information regarding claim procedures.