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Contract of Carriage : Rule 96

Customer Advocate Issues

  1. Time Limitations
    No action shall be taken on complaint issues seeking restitution unless notice of the complaint issue is presented in writing to the Consumer Affairs Office of the carrier participating in this rule alleged to be responsible within two (2) years after such alleged occurrence. Any written notification received by the carrier within two (2) years which informs the carrier of the nature of the complaint issue is sufficient to meet the requirements for timely notice. Failure to give the above notice shall not be a bar if the claimant can show good cause for his/her failure to bring his/her claim within two (2) years. Incidents that occurred on or prior to September 21, 1993 are exempted based on Chapter 11, U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

  2. Additional Information Request Notice
    In the case of alleged cases not furnishing adequate information/document to formulate a conclusion/decision, the carrier will notify the claimant that further information/document is required. No further action will be taken until the claimant furnishes the required information/document to continue the investigation/response process. Failure to give the above information/document, provisions in (A) will apply.

  3. Compensation Settlements
    If compensation is found to be in order, the compensation will be issued to the ticketed passenger involved in the incident, regardless if the ticket holder is the purchaser of said ticket or not. The form of compensation will be determined by a passenger's individual situation rather than by a specific incident. If a passenger is unable to claim his/her compensation settlement due to death or illness, the compensation settlement will be issued to his/her designated person as stipulated in his/her Power of Attorney or Will. In cases of children under the age of 12 years, the compensation will be issued to him/her care of his/her appointed Guardian.

    NOTE: Complaints involving Refund, Baggage, and other various departmental issues may be designated to the applicable department for determination and response. Notification of such a referral will be sent to claimant in writing.

  4. Responsiveness
    Hawaiian Airlines is dedicated to keeping passengers informed, to responding to issues raised by its customers and to resolving those issues expediently.  The carrier will acknowledge each customer’s concerns and respond substantively to complaints within thirty (30) days.  As required by the Department of Transportation, Hawaiian Airlines will acknowledge receipt of all complaints within 30 days.  As stated in Hawaiian Airlines’ Customer First Commitment, carrier will send a substantive response within 30 business days.