Pre-travel COVID-19
test options

How to get tested before your trip to Hawaii

Spend less time worrying about your pre-travel COVID-19 test and more time getting excited for your upcoming trip. We’re making it simple and easy for you by walking you through the process and providing a list of state-approved testing options to choose from. Learn more about the State of Hawaii pre-travel testing program.

Follow these steps:

Select a COVID-19 test option

Choose one of the test options listed below – they are all state-approved and meet the pre-travel testing program requirements. Order a home test kit or make an appointment at a local test location as early as possible.

Take test no more than 72 hours prior to last leg of departure

Specific timing information is provided for each test option. Plan accordingly; without providing a negative test upon arrival, you’ll need to quarantine until you receive your results. See the state's travel FAQs.

Create an account on the State of Hawaii “Safe Travels” website

Create your Safe Travels account at least 24 hours before your flight. Fill out the Safe Travels travel and health form and you’ll be provided a QR code that will be scanned at the airport when you arrive in Hawaii. Learn more.

Upload your negative test result to your "Safe Travels" account

Once you’ve uploaded a PDF of your test results, your negative pre-travel test result will be verified and your quarantine exemption status will be reflected on your account. Be sure to bring a physical copy of your test results, as you may be asked to show your test results at the airport in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airlines test partners:

While you’re welcome to select a test option from any of the state’s trusted testing partners, we’ve partnered with several companies that:

  • Guarantee test results are received within the state’s required 72-hour timeframe
  • Are polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests – the gold standard for COVID-19 testing

Learn more about our test options below.

Worksite Labs — Drive-through testing

Worksite Labs — Drive-through testing

Exclusively for Hawaiian Airlines guests.

  • San Francisco lab is now accepting appointments
  • $90 per person for results within 36 hours
  • Same-day express service available for $150 per person
  • Dedicated facilities, conveniently located near the airport
  • Shallow nasal swab test is self-administered under lab supervision
  • More locations coming soon; check back for more information

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Vault Health — At-home testing

Vault Health — At-home testing

Hawaiian Airlines guests enjoy expedited processing.

  • $150 per person
  • Shipping available for U.S. addresses only
  • Medically verified, at-home saliva sample collection test
  • Sample collection is conducted via online video connection with a test supervisor
  • Test results for Hawaiian Airlines guests are prioritized for processing and will be provided within 24 hours after arrival at lab

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Other test options

Other test options

The State of Hawaii is also accepting test results from the following list of trusted testing partners. Please note that not all partners have guaranteed 72-hour turnaround times, nor are they all PCR tests. We recommend confirming these details as you’re making your decision on your testing option.

Nationwide COVID-19 test providers:

Regional COVID-19 test providers:

Member-only COVID-19 test provider:

Learn more on the State of Hawaii Department of Health website.