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In-Flight Entertainment

Inflight Entertainment

Hawaiian Airlines operates Airbus A330 and Boeing 767 aircrafts on its North America and International flights. Both aircraft feature a variety of audio channels and our in-flight video magazine, Hawaiian Skies.

Airbus A330 Aircraft

Our A330 flights offer state-of-the-art interactive entertainment systems available at every seat, with a variety of audio and video options available. Complimentary entertainment in the main cabin includes our inflight video Hawaiian Skies and 15 audio channels. First Class and international passengers receive complimentary unlimited access to a selection of Movies On Demand, TV shows, games, music videos, and audio channels. Click here for film listings.

Movies On Demand

Choose from the hottest newly released Hollywood movies, including Argo, Lincoln, Won’t Back Down, Taken 2, Looper, Pitch Perfect, Chasing Mavericks and Hotel Transylvania.

$7.99 per film

Unlimited TV & More Pack

Enjoy unlimited viewing of classic movies, current hit TV shows, complete albums in a variety of musical genres, games and music videos—all for one package price.

$7.99 Package

Keiki Pack

Keep your keiki (children) happily entertained with unlimited access to specially selected movies (like Rugrats and Hannah Montana), TV shows, albums and games.

$5.99 Package
A330 Seatback

Video On Demand
Entertainment System

Our for-purchase options in the Main Cabin require you to swipe a credit card when prompted. Please tilt the device by pressing near the top to allow access to the credit card strip. Please be mindful of the guest in front of you: use only your fingernail or tip of your finger to select buttons.

Boeing 767 Aircraft

In addition to 10 channels of audio programming, guests on our Boeing 767 aircraft can choose to rent an In-Flight Entertainment Tablet for a wide array of additional programming options. Click here for prices.

In-Flight Entertainment Tablet

Our In-Flight Entertainment Tablet features the latest Hollywood releases, television shows, and games. Each entertainment tablet comes with two headsets for shared viewing. Units are available for order in the departure lounge for a discounted price or in flight. Quantities are limited. Click here to learn more about our In-Flight Entertainment Tablet.

*Not all In-Flight Entertainment Tablet films are suitable for all audiences. Please note the ratings provided, and keep in mind that Hawaiian Airlines does not edit the movies or videos on offer.

Hawaiian Skies

Hawaiian Skies, our video magazine, is produced exclusively for guests on Hawaiian Airlines' North America ("N. America") routes. In this edition you'll find:


'Ukulele Festival

We’re checking in with ‘Ukulele Festival founder Roy Sakuma to talk story about the annual multi-day, multi-island festival.

Liberty Challenge

One of Hawaii’s most popular sports—outrigger canoe racing—hits the Big Apple during the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge.

Cup O' Kope

If you are a caffeine junky and looking for a truly unique Island experience, take the time to discover Hawaiian coffee.

Free Diving

Hawaii’s foremost female free diver, Kimi Werner, guides us on an underwater expedition to the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.


One Voice

The Kamehameha Schools Song Contest, also known as One Voice, is one of Hawaii’s best-loved and most enduring traditions. Join us as we go behind the scenes at this annual competition, to see what it takes for hundreds of students to sing as one.

Audio Channels

Our produced-in-the-Islands audio programming features four channels dedicated to traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music, along with an additional seven channels that cover everything from classical to rock to Korean pop.

Purchase or Personal Headsets

Guests may bring their own headsets or may purchase a souvenir headset on-board and keep it for future flights.