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Contract of Carriage : Rule 105

Ticket Validity

  1. Period Of Validity
    Except as provided in paragraph C) 1) below, a ticket will be valid for transportation for one year from the date on which transportation commences at the point of origin that is designated on the original ticket or, if no portion of the ticket is used, from the date of issuance of the original ticket.

  2. Extension Of Validity
    1. If the passenger is prevented from using the ticket, or a portion of the ticket, during the period of validity specified in paragraph (A) above or the period of validity applicable to an excursion or special fare, due to lack of space or flight cancellation, the ticket will remain valid until space can be provided on a schedule comparable to the schedule that the passenger had requested.

    2. If the passenger is unable to commence or continue his travel due to personal illness or physical incapacity, or the illness or physical incapacity of member of his immediate family, or an associate with whom he is traveling, HA will extend the period of validity beyond the original limit not to exceed thirty (30) days, all applicable service/penalty charges will apply. If original class of service is not available on the new flight booked, or the original fare is not a valid fare for the new flight booked, HA will collect the applicable service/penalty charges at the time the change is made. The illness or incapacity must be certified in writing by a physician, specifying that the passenger is prevented from completing his journey prior to the expiration of the original time limit because of such circumstances. The certificate must be surrendered to the carrier, and the ticket and all coupons affected must be endorsed by the agent to indicate that an extension has been granted.

    3. If the passenger is unable for any reason to use his ticket as originally issued and needs to have his ticket reissued, he may do so by paying the applicable service/ penalty charges and/or additional fare collection for making the change as described in the ticketed fare and tariff rules, provided the reissue/exchange occurs prior to the original expiration date. If after the original expiration date the ticket has no value and is void.

  3. Special Fare Provisions
    The provisions below will apply to fares that are subject to group travel requirements and/or reservations or ticketing time limitations and/or minimum or maximum stay requirements.
    1. Period of Validity When a ticket includes an excursion or special fare having a shorter period of validity than one year, the shorter period of validity will apply only to the excursion or special fare transportation.

    2. Extension of Validity See provisions in paragraph (B) above.