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Contract of Carriage : Rule 150

Application of Fares - General

  1. Where a fare is specifically published via the desired routing from point of origin to point of destination, such fare is applicable over such route notwithstanding that it is higher or lower than the combination of intermediate fares via such routing.

  2. Fares apply only for transportation for the classes of service and aircraft stated in connection with fares governed by this tariff.

  3. Unless otherwise provided, flight departure or arrival time, as specified in connection with the application of fares, refers to flights bearing such designations and schedules, flight departure or arrival times, as set forth in HA's flight schedule.

  4. Fares and charges shall apply only to air transportation between the airport through which the cities named in connection with such fares and charges are served by HA or carriers by whom, or on whose behalf, such fares and charges are published.

  5. Maximum Fare - Travel via the same or Different Classes of Service - A combination of fares of the same or different classes of service (see note below) shall not exceed the lowest of the following fares or combination of fares via HA between and via the same airport:
    1. A combination of fares via the class of service used for a portion of the transportation, and fares for a higher class of service for the remainder of the transportation, or
    2. A combination of fares via higher classes of service, or
    3. A through published fare via a higher class of service.

      Note: For the purpose of this rule, fares are published in the following descending order of classes of service:

      Unrestricted First Class - F

      Restricted First Class - P

      Peak Restricted Coach - X

      Unrestricted Coach - Y

      Restricted Coach - V/W/Q/B/M/N/H/K/L