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Contract of Carriage : Rule 2

Emergency Situations

Every Hawaiian Airlines pilot in command of a flight has authority to exercise their judgment depending on the circumstances to declare and take action necessary to Respond to any emergency situation, which may arise, in compliance with Federal Regulations.

If a customer requires emergency medical attention, the procedures set out in the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Operations Manual will be applied. If a qualified medical person (physician, nurse, physician's assistant, EMT) is on-board the aircraft their assistance will be requested. The on-board medical emergency kit will be made available and the pilot in command will utilize on-board communications equipment to obtain additional medical support and assistance.

Hawaiian Airlines has contracted with a Medical Advisory Group, (MedLink), allowing pilot-to-physician phone contact accessible from anywhere in the world. When contacted by the cockpit crew the advising physician will help provide the appropriate treatment and assist in determining if a flight diversion is necessary. Arrangements for emergency transport to a medical facility capable of treating the customer's condition may also be made.

If the Aircraft is still on the ground, ATC will be requested either to provide expedited taxi clearance to the terminal or dispatch the airport's emergency response medical staff to the airplane depending on the circumstances.

Based on the medical advice received, the flight may be diverted, an emergency may be declared and other available means will be applied to provide emergency medical assistance if warranted.