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Contract of Carriage : Rule 215

Cabin-Seat Baggage and Charges

When a passenger requests that an item of baggage be carried in the cabin, and HA determines that the item is acceptable as cabin baggage but it is so fragile and/or bulky as to require the use of a seat, the baggage must be carried on board the aircraft by the passenger and secured in the seat next to the passenger’s seat.

For safety reasons, cabin-seat baggage must be carried in a foremost seat(s) in the same cabin in which the passenger travels. These are the seats directly aft of a bulkhead or partition. If the seat next to the cabin baggage is required for use, the passenger boarding the baggage will occupy that seat.

HA will charge 100% of the applicable adult fare for that portion of the trip on which the extra seat is used. The seat purchased for cabin baggage will be afforded the same amenities as that of the accompanying passenger including meals, mileage credit, and baggage allowance where applicable.