The State of Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) and Hawaiian Airlines have confirmed that two of the company’s inflight crewmembers have tested positive for Hepatitis A. Hawaiian has isolated the flights taken by these individuals to be between July 1 and August 12, primarily on Neighbor Island and North America routes.

While the risk of transmission is extremely low, we are taking necessary precautions for the health of our customers and our employees. Below is a list of the flights on which this crewmember worked during that period. Guests on those flights should consult a health care professional on whether screening is advisable. If a guest on these flights determines, in consultation with a medical provider, that screening and/or vaccination are needed, Hawaiian Airlines will reimburse reasonable out-of-pocket expenses upon submission of documentation. More information can be found below.

If you were not on one of the flights listed below, no action is necessary. We have had no other reported cases among staff and are proactively screening all crew who worked with this crewmember before they return to duty.

Identified Flights

Date  Flight #  Origin  Destination 
07/01/16  48  Honolulu  Oakland, California 
07/02/16  67  Oakland, California  Lihue 
07/02/16  394  Lihue  Honolulu 
07/03/16  228  Honolulu  Kona 
07/03/16  227  Kona  Honolulu 
07/03/16  216  Honolulu  Kahului 
07/03/16  505  Kahului  Honolulu 
07/03/16  278  Honolulu  Kona 
07/03/16  279  Kona  Honolulu 
07/04/16  148  Honolulu  Kona 
07/04/16  66  Kona  Oakland, California 
07/06/16  23  Oakland, California  Kahului 
07/06/16  199  Kahului  Honolulu 
07/08/16  Honolulu  Las Vegas, Nevada 
07/10/16  Las Vegas, Nevada  Honolulu 
07/11/16  202  Honolulu  Hilo 
07/11/16  201  Hilo  Honolulu 
07/11/16  509  Honolulu  Lihue 
07/11/16  514  Lihue  Honolulu 
07/11/16  343  Honolulu  Lihue 
07/11/16  394  Lihue  Honolulu 
07/16/16  451  Honolulu  Sydney, Australia 
07/18/16  452  Sydney, Australia  Honolulu 
07/24/16  118  Honolulu  Kona 
07/24/16  117  Kona  Honolulu 
07/24/16  382  Honolulu  Hilo 
07/24/16  383  Hilo  Honolulu 
07/24/16  396  Honolulu  Kahului 
07/24/16  365  Kahului  Honolulu 
07/25/16  273  Honolulu  Lihue 
07/25/16  68  Lihue  Oakland, California 
07/26/16  65  Oakland, California  Kona 
07/26/16  147  Kona  Honolulu 
07/31/16  22  Honolulu  Seattle, Washington 
08/01/16  21  Seattle, Washington  Honolulu 
08/10/16  18  Honolulu  Las Vegas, Nevada 
08/12/16  17  Las Vegas, Nevada  Honolulu 

About Hepatitis A

According to the Department of Health, testing for Hepatitis A is only recommended if you have the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headache and/or body ache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dark colored urine
  • Pale colored stools
  • Yellow skin and eyes (Jaundice—may develop several days to a week after other symptoms begin)

If you have any of these symptoms the Department of Health recommends that you:

  1. Contact your healthcare provider about the possibility of receiving hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin (IG), which may provide some protection against the disease, if administered within two weeks after exposure
  2. Monitor your health for symptoms of hepatitis A infection up to 50 days after exposure
  3. Wash your hands with soap and warm water frequently and thoroughly, especially after using the bathroom and before preparing food
  4. If symptoms of  hepatitis A infection develop, stay at home and contact your healthcare provider immediately

Additional information about hepatitis A can be found here:

Applying for Reimbursement

Guests on the identified flights face very low risk of infection. If, upon consulting with your medical provider, you determine that screening for Hepatitis A and/or vaccination is advisable, Hawaiian Airlines will reimburse you for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses associated with these treatments. To apply for reimbursement, please complete this form.

All reimbursement requests must be submitted by September 30, 2016.