The Kingston Trio 60th Anniversary Tour

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The Kingston Trio began in San Francisco in 1955 with Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane and Dave Guard. The three founded what turned out to be the most influential band to emerge from the 1950s — only to be outdone by The Beatles. These kings of an acoustic musical genre exploded onto the American scene, and they are still popular today.

The current members, Mike Marvin, Tim Gorelangton, and Don Marovich have links to, and experience with, the original group. Mike is the adopted son of founding member Nick Reynolds, who was his musical mentor. Tim, a close friend since boyhood, is one of the few musicians who has recorded with Nick Reynolds. Don Marovich has performed with the Trio and plays the guitar, banjo and mandolin.

Tickets $39, $59, $69, and $150 for VIP tickets.

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