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Find cheap flights from Orlando (MCO) to Honolulu (HNL). You can also use our fare calendar to find flights from Orlando to Honolulu. Browse our best roundtrip flight deals between Orlando and Hawaii using our easy-to-use flight search.

Flights from Orlando to Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines
Looking for a flight from MCO to HNL? Want to trade the fast-paced city life of Orlando with the leisurely, laidback towns and shorelines of Hawaii? Then you’ve stopped at the right place, because with Hawaiian Airlines, your Hawaii vacation starts the moment you arrive at its departure terminal. From having the best rates on airfare, a wide selection of non stop and direct flights, Hawaiian Airlines does it all—and will shower you with aloha along the way. And if you’re a hungry flyer, don’t worry, Orlando to Hawaii flights with Hawaiian Airlines all feature complimentary island-inspired meals crafted by award-winning chef Lee Anne Wong.
Flying non-stop from Orlando
What the Weather is Like in Honolulu Compared to Orlando
If you’re really not a fan of big jumps—or dips—in temperature while on vacation, traveling from MCO to HNL is a great call. The Islands’ are known for their comfortable year round tropical weather, with its coldest months (December and January) dipping only into the low 70s. Compared to Orlando, you may only find a slight increase in humidity while the average day and night temperatures are nearly identical. So if you want to feel at home—in Hawaii—a flight from Orlando to Hawaii may be your best option.
When is the Best Time to Fly from MCO to Hawaii?
Fortunately, for adventurous travelers who like to spontaneously travel to parts unknown, there is no bad time to fly to Hawaii. The Islands are blessed with blue skies, golden sand and sunny days all year round. However, if you do like to think ahead, there are some small things to consider when planning your trip. Certain festivals, like the high-energy Kona Coffee Cultural Festival and the oh-so-ono Waikiki Spam Jam, only go down once a year, so the timing of such events may be a key factor when booking your MCO to HNL round trip flight. Of course, the ocean—and thus the beaches you may want to visit—has certain patterns to keep an eye on. Postcard-perfect shorelines, with small, keiki (kid) friendly waves can generally be found on summer shorelines during the Islands’ winter season, and on northern coasts during the summer.
Orlando to Honolulu Distance
Orlando, Florida is one of Hawaii’s farthest departure destination in the U.S., so brace yourself for this one. The distance from Orlando International Airport, when flying to Hawaii, is a whopping 4,740 miles. And if you’re flying with Hawaiian Airlines on one of its non stop routes, that is—on average—just over ten hours of airtime. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fill your Orlando to Hawaii flight time. Hawaiian Airlines has a wide selection of movies, music, games and TV shows in its in-flight entertainment console, some of which were locally produced in the Islands. And if you find yourself exhausted from the airport experience, refuel on some of the locally-inspired cuisine that can be found in Hawaiian Airlines’ in-flight menu before getting some much-needed shuteye. You’ll want to be brimming with energy as your flight touches down in paradise.

General Honolulu Facts
While Honolulu may not have the same selection of theme parks that Orlando does, Oahu’s main city does have a wide array of attractions that you need to see. To learn about Hawaiian history, there’s no better place than Iolani Palace, where the last reigning monarch of Hawaii, Queen Liliuokalani, resided. Of course, Orlando’s not the only city in the U.S. to be used as a backdrop for major films, and Kualoa Ranch on Oahu’s east side proves that the Islands’ have been used as setting for more than a few Hollywood blockbusters. If you’re missing the thrill of a theme park, Wet 'n' Wild Hawaii, the state’s only waterpark, will have you screaming—literally and figuratively—down twisty tubes and slippery slides.
  • Authentic Hawaiian hospitality
  • Complimentary meals at mealtime
  • Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu (HNL) to Orlando (MCO)
  • Authentic Hawaiian hospitality
  • Complimentary meals at mealtime
  • Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu (HNL) to Orlando (MCO)
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Useful Information for Our Guests On Flights to Honolulu
General Carry-on and Checked Baggage
Whether you’re coming from another country, the U.S. mainland or a neighbor island, here are our standard baggage policies.
Hawaii’s Plants and Animals Declaration Form
Just before your flight from Orlando, FL or other origin lands in Hawaii, your flight attendant will ask you to fill out a form to declare any plants, animals or other things that may be harmful to Hawaii’s environment. You’re required to complete this form and can preview it here.
On your Flight Home from Honolulu
Taking Home Lei:  You’ve received a beautiful, fragrant lei while in the island or want to take it back home with you. Learn about the requirements to take a lei on the airplane.

Taking Home Tropical Fruits Back from Hawaii:  It’s common for travelers to want to take sweet and juicy pineapple or papaya on their flights from Oahu. Learn about the requirements to take these sweet memories back home with you.