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What is the new checked bag policy?
What are your restrictions for Carry-on baggage?
What are your restrictions for Checked baggage?
What is considered "Oversized" baggage and what are your fees?
How do I report lost/damaged baggage?
Do you have a list of items that may/may not be brought onboard the aircraft (e.g. lithium batteries, liquids, medication)?


What are the age restrictions for children traveling alone?
What are the unaccompanied minor fees?
My infant will be 23 months when we depart but 24 months when we return. Can he/she still travel free?
Can I check my stroller/car seat at the gate?

Reservations, Travel & Check-In

Why can't I select seats when making my reservation on-line?
Why am I not allowed to use Web Check-In?
How can I make a change to my current reservation?
How can I get a refund for my unused ticket?
Do you offer special meals?
How do I request special services like a wheelchair or oxygen?
How do I find out about all other rules and policies of Hawaiian Airlines?
I do not live in the United States. Why is your system not accepting my credit card?
What time do I have to be at the airport to check-in?
Can we use cash on-board to purchase items in flight?
What coverage is included with Travel Insurance?


How can I receive credit for a flight that I took 120 days ago?
Can I pool miles if I don't have a Hawaiian Airlines Visa Credit Card?
How do I update my contact information?

Coupons & Specials

How do I use a Transportation Credit Order (TCO) or Transportation Voucher?
How do I use a Travel Discount Coupon or TDC?
How do I redeem an E Certificate?

Log In Problems

How do I request a new temporary password?
I don’t have a password, how do I create a password?
I don’t remember my HawaiianMiles account number, how do I get my number?
I am having problems accessing my account, can someone help me?
I requested a temporary password, but I have not received it. Where is my temporary password?

Wedding Wings

I registered online, but I haven’t received my star file #.
I already purchased tickets before learning about Wedding Wings. Am I still eligible for the discount?
Can I book a multi-city reservation through the Wedding Wings Program?
How do I know if 40 guests have booked?
Since 40 reservations qualify for a one-way upgrade, do 80 reservations qualify for a roundtrip upgrade?
Can I use the complimentary first-class upgrade award for my honeymoon to Sydney or Papeete?