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Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Springtime in Hawaii

Hawaii is undeniably beautiful, but some say it just might be most beautiful during the springtime.

With the change of seasons, we get to say aloha to our winter rain and our chilly nighttime temperatures (by local standards) and then gratefully welcome spring’s warmer waters, blooming flora and scenic mountain views.

Spring is a season for rebirth and renewal, and, after the winter thaw, there’s no better place to enjoy it. For those of you considering a much-needed vacation to the islands, we want to share our “Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Springtime in Hawaii.” We hope it will encourage you to rediscover your bathing suit, dust off your hiking shoes and start fresh with a springtime adventure to the Islands.

#3 Spring Flowers

Spring flowers take on a new meaning in Hawaii. The rainforests and gardens bloom with a variety of indigenous and non-native plants -- from the fragrant, white pikake to the colorful yellow hibiscus, Hawaii’s official state flower. To experience the colors of spring, visit one of the many botanical gardens throughout the islands. Foster Botanical Garden on Oahu is one of the oldest in the state and features trees planted in the 1850s.

This is also an excellent time for taking a lei making class. Hawaiian lei are garlands that are symbols of gratitude and aloha. Learn how to create a traditional lei or a haku lei (lei po‘o), which are beautiful flower lei worn around your head. May 1 is also Lei Day in Hawaii, an annual celebration of Hawaiian music, hula, culture and lei making.

#2 Whale Watching

From December through April, a different kind of visitor frequents Hawaii’s shores. Humpback whales, called kohala in Hawaiian, migrate 3,000 miles from Alaska to breed and nurse their young in Hawaii’s warm waters. Kohala are culturally significant to Native Hawaiians and are considered kama‘aina, or native-born.

These gentle giants range from 40-50 feet and weigh up to 45 tons. It’s not unusual to see them breach out of the water just offshore from your blanket on the beach. Boat tours are an exhilarating way to see these kohala up close. While the shallow waters between Maui, Molokai and Lanai are some of the best whale-watching spots in the world, you can spot whales from every island, including the south shores of Kauai and Oahu, and the Kohala Coast of Hawaii Island.

#1 Wonderful Weather

Of course, the top reason to visit Hawaii in the springtime is the weather. April is typically the end of the wet season, and temperatures range from roughly 70ºF to 79º. If you plan your trip right, you can book your vacation right before the heat and crowds that inevitably arrive each summer. And since you’re avoiding peak travel season, you may even save on airfare, hotel and activities as well.

You also can’t go wrong with spending the day picnicking outside -- just remember to pick up your opala (trash) and travel pono (travel responsibly)! When planning your outdoor activities, please note that Island weather can change from location to location, with the southwestern shores (or leeward side) of each island being sunnier and dryer and the northeastern (or windward side) of the islands being wetter and lusher. Spring is also a great time to get out and go on a hike. Read about some of our top trails in Our 5 Favorite Holoholo Challenge Trails, including Aiea Loop Trail and Makapuu Lighthouse Trail.

After a long winter, we could all use a fresh start. So put down your snow shovels and pick up your surfboards. Spring sunshine in Hawaii is just on the horizon.

February 5, 2021