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Our HawaiianMiles charity program offers a meaningful way for you to support important causes. We’ve incorporated four distinct pillars of charitable giving opportunities, each one representing a major keystone of our society: Culture, Education, Environment, and Health & Human Services.

Each year, we will match up to a half -million miles to each participating charity. Your donation of miles supports these non-profit organizations in fulfilling their mission. Mahalo for your support!


Everything about the Hawaiian culture is unique: our history, endemic language, authentic people and rich traditions.

From honoring our kupuna (elders) to teaching our keiki (children) long-standing crafts and customs, we all take an active role in perpetuating our Hawaiian culture.

Preserving our Island roots is paramount to keeping alive our precious Hawaiian heritage.

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From primary school to higher education, supporting our educational system is one of the best investments one can make.

Through quality education, we learn more than basic fundamentals; we learn core values that help us to become better citizens.

Education can take many forms and doesn't always happen in a classroom setting. It's not the environment - it's the process of learning, growing and understanding that counts.

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Preserve, protect and promote it - in today's changing world, the sustainability movement has never been more important.

We now recognize that the world is a very fragile place, and our mark on it can have profound consequences. Knowing this, we can change how we do things and how we use things.

Being more mindful of this is the first step to reducing our carbon footprint on the earth.

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Health and Human Services

When it comes to matters of the mind, and of the heart, this is one particular area that is always in dire need of some assistance.

It seems there is always a shortage of caring volunteers who can lend a hand, give some time, or donate a dollar. Sometimes, it's a small effort that can deliver big results. Sometimes, a simple smile can go a very long way.

What can you do to help? How can you make a difference?

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