Rooster Farms

A heritage coffee farm run by fresh thinkers who welcome you into their home

A visit with Tara Cronin and Ed Chin, owners, growers and roasters, will leave you feeling like you have had an inside peek into the heart of Kona coffee country, the actual country. 

It’s an 8-minute drive up the winding, bumpy, but astonishingly scenic road to their house and 6-acre farm at 1600ft. above sea level, where you will be ushered upstairs to their personal open-air kitchen for an instant brewing of their most recent coffee, prepared with a chemist’s precision by Tara. 

There is no script here; Ed and Tara will answer your questions organically, which is also how they grow their coffee.  

Rooster Farms has been a certified organic Kona Coffee farm for 30+ years — the oldest certified farm.  

A win in the 2016 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Cupping Contest (the only certified organic Kona Coffee to win, out of 65 farms entered) supports the value of what they do.  

After your tasting, follow your hosts on a wander through their coffee acreage, with stops at citrus, avocado, and banana trees. Farm dog and mascot Tiamat bravely forages along with your expedition.

Farm tours are free and available by appointment.  

Tour lasts between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours and includes the tasting, a history of the farm (including a tribute to the former owner), and a peek into the roasting machine. 

Estate coffee available for purchase. See website for contact details.