Rays on the Bay

"Ray" as in that fabulous sea creature

The “ray” in Rays on the Bay are the manta rays that are attracted to the hotel lights just off the expansive patio bar. 

Many nights the whole bar empties out to the deck railing or rocky shoreline to watch the mantas, which feed on tiny plankton, swooping and rolling in the crystal clear water close to shore. 

Ray’s just reopened after a remodel and looks and feels contemporary and updated. 

There is live jazz every Wednesday with Volcano Choy Jr. and vocalist Janine Guillory, as well as contemporary singer/songwriters throughout the week.

The colorful open-air space is high ceilinged and airy, with bar, high top, regular, and sofa lounge seating. 

There is a full menu in the bar until 10:30pm, and you can still order drinks between 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m., when the bar closes. 

Reservations are recommended if you’d like a sunset dinner, and the closer to the railing the more stunning the view. 

Some of the tables have firepits, which you might think are unnecessary in Hawaii, but the cool night air off the ocean is sometimes nicely countered by a cheerful little fire.

Ray’s inventive late night menu includes an ahi poke bowl, a chopped shrimp cocktail, crispy truffle fries, and baby back ribs with popcorn.