Red Water Cafe

Creative multi-cultural dishes including Hawaii regional, Asian-inspired and more.

Finding a restaurant this on-point in the windy, wild and wooly former ranch town of Waimea can come as a surprise.

The creative multi-cultural dishes (Hawaii regional, Asian inspired and American comfort food) are just about perfect, from the bright flavors to the presentation. 

A remarkably consistent dining experience and excellent service in this renovated, romantic building pulls in the locals and savvy visitors alike. 

Red Water is popular, so reservations for Valentine’s eve (or any other eve) are a must. 

Both the chef and the business have piled up numerous awards, so share any dish with anticipation. A shout-out to the local farmers used by Red Waters can be found on the menu.

Open for dinner M-Sat. 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.