Sandwich Isle Bread Company

If you want really good bread, this is the place.

Sandwich Isle Bread Company was founded in 2008 by Chef Kevin Cabrera and his mobile wood-fired oven, which he wanted to use for teaching bread baking and to bake everywhere. 

However, the legality of food production meant that he needed to establish a kitchen, so he did, and from there he supplies a very pleased Waimea Town Farmer’s Market. 

Those who know sourdough haunt his bread stall, and Kevin expertly produces a collection of sourdoughs, the most popular one of which is the white sourdough, the Pugliese. 

Waimea, in addition to its cowboy heritage, has become surprisingly European over the last decade or so, and Europeans know their bread. 

Cabrera says he also enjoys seeing people discover “real bread that is traditionally-produced, in which every ingredient is pronounceable. And it’s part of the whole philosophy of Farm-to-Table: Where is your food made and how did it get to you? A whole part of my success is people connecting to the history and stories of bread.” 

Specials created for the holidays include traditional challah, stollen, and holiday cookie trays.

Waimea Town Farmers Market - Sat. mornings 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.