Awaawapuhi Trail

A beautiful hike filled with dappled sunlight through forest trees, wild grasses and fern-covered fields on a dirt trail punctuated with many roots and rocks.

The trail culminates with you looking down on the stunning Nualolo and Awaawapuhi valleys and their 3,000 vertical cliffs high above the rugged Napali Coast and its azure ocean below.

The earlier in the morning you begin, the cooler, more privacy and more birdsong you'll experience.

Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy while soaking in the views of the valleys – you'll want to linger – and to prepare yourself for the steep, almost entirely uphill return trip.

Awaawapuhi Trail
Location: Kokee State Park
Park: Parking lot at trailhead 1.6 miles past the Kokee Lodge and meadow
Length: 6½ miles roundtrip
Time: 3½ hours + time to take in the view
Elevation: 1,600 feet
Difficulty level: Intermediate, return trip almost entirely steep uphill