Kauai Ono

Kauai Ono is more of an experience than a food truck. 

Every Wednesday and Thursday, a five-course dinner is served as the sun sets over Hanalei. 

The truck sits on a grassy lawn with four large tables made from reclaimed wooden pallets. 

Candles flicker under a white canopy strung with twinkly lights and toasts are made with libations brought by guests. Just as chef Justin Smith finishes each course, black-clad waiters serve them. 

The rotating menu is based on seasonal ingredients, which are typically grown on the North Shore of this island.  

Previous meals have included organic, steamed taro root with steamed taro leaves and coconut sauce; Kilauea salad greens with sesame ginger vinaigrette; brined and smoked walu (escolar) with olive oil rubbed kale; ulu (breadfruit) croquettes with braised local beef and zesty caper sauce, and a flourless chocolate torte with kumquat marmalade.