Yokohama Bay

The last white sand beach before the rugged Kaena Point on Oahu west side is Keawaula, or more commonly known as Yokohama Bay. The name — keawaula means “red harbor” in Hawaiian — stems from the large schools of squid, or muhee, that once gathered here in the shallow waters, turning the water red. (Its common name — Yokohama — came from a Japanese fisherman who frequented the beach in the early 1900s.) The beach here is nice and wide, stretching between two rocky points. Its location at the end of a paved road makes this spot isolated and tranquil. It’s not uncommon to see fishermen here, casting their lines into the deep-blue waters, or clusters of children playing in the sand. The bay catches both winter and summer swells, making this a popular surf spot year-round. And the sunsets here are epic.