Goat Island (Mokuauia)

Wade or swim out to this seabird sanctuary when water is calm and during low tide.

It’s the closest of Oahu’s offshore islets.

Mokuauia, or Goat Island is the closest offshore islet to Oahu. It’s located near Malaekahana State Park, on the Windward, or northeast side of the island. As you can probably guess, it got its English name because at one time, albeit briefly, goats grazed on the 25-acre island.

You can easily make out Mokuauia from the shoreline of the beach park, which means during low tide, you can wade out to the islet. Look online for the low tide timetables first. Be sure to wear old shoes or tabis — the sea floor is uneven, and watch out for rogue waves and the surrounding currents.

Today, the islet is a state maintained seabird sanctuary and an important nesting site for Oahu’s colonies of wedge-tailed shearwaters.