The Mokuluas

Discover Oahu's most popular offshore islets on the Windward side

Mokulua Iki and Mokulua Nui, collectively known as the Mokuluas, are Oahu’s most popular offshore islets.

Meaning “two islands,” the Mokes, as they have been affectionately dubbed, are frequently photographed, painted and silkscreened onto T-shirts and hats by local artists.

You can only visit Mokulua Nui, the larger of the twin islets. Similar to Popoia, aka Flat Island, you’ll park at Kailua Beach Park and launch your kayak to paddle out to the islet. Keep a lookout for honu, or Hawaii green sea turtle during your journey, they enjoy bobbing in the waters of Kailua Bay.

Once you’ve landed on the islet, you can cruise at the beach, or explore the small tide pool, called Queen’s Bath. It’s also a great spot to get an up-close look at Mokulua Iki.

Head to Kailua Beach Adventures located just before Kailua Beach Park for rentals. There, you can rent single and double kayaks for a half-day—four hours—full day, or even one week. Guided tours are also available.

Note that Oahu commercial vendors don’t rent kayaks on Sundays.