A cozy ramenya that introduced Hawaii to the tan tan ramen

When Gomaichi opened in 1995, the small, bright restaurant was one of the few ramenyas in Honolulu. 

It not only elevated locals’ choices for ramen, but it’s also credited with introducing the island to the flavorful, spicy tan tan ramen. 

The broth is made from ground sesame seeds imported from Japan, pork and a touch of chili. 

The tender char siu simmers in the broth for 12 hours. Gomaichi even partnered Hawaii noodle maker, Sun Noodle to create a special noodle. 

More than two decades later, the Keeaumoku ramen shop still packs in regulars and first-timers alike at its cozy sit down counter. 

The perfect ramen side dish, don’t forget an order of plump gyoza.