Featured Chef Series

How to Cook Like a Local

We asked our past and present Executive and Featured Chefs to give us their takes on popular local dishes. Learn how to cook like a local and impress your friends and family with these simple recipes.

Featured Recipes

Vegetable Poke
Chef Wade Ueoka of “MW Restaurant” whips up the vegetarian version of this traditional raw fish dish. Poke (pronounced PO-keh) is a raw fish salad traditionally made with bite-sized chunks of ʻahi, sea salt, green onions and other ingredients.
Crispy Roast Pork and Pickled Ogo (seaweed) or Sea Asparagus
Chef Andrew Le of “The Pig & the Lady” demonstrates how to make a delicious Chinese-style roast pork with crispy skin. The savory pork is served with marinated sea asparagus, a succulent sea vegetable.
Kim Chee Portuguese Bean Soup
Chef Wade Ueoka of “MW Restaurant” combines the spicy flavors of two cultures in his rendition of Portuguese Bean Soup. This mouth-watering dish is a local-style comfort food.
North Shore Garlic Shrimp
Oahu’s North Shore is home to an abundance of shrimp trucks serving the tastiest shrimp dishes. Chef Chai demonstrates how you can create an amazingly tantalizing shrimp dish yourself.
Hawaiian Bread Pudding
Chef Chai puts an island-style spin on this popular dessert. Taro rolls, rum, and pineapple turn a traditional sweet treat into something truly special.
Loco Moco
This classic, satisfying comfort food is simply a hamburger patty on a bed of rice, topped with gravy and an egg. Chef Chai uses flavorful cremini mushrooms to create a rich, savory sauce.
Ahi Poke
Executive Chef Lee Anne Wong’s take on this favorite local dish uses simple ingredients to create a savory, satisfying meal when served over hot rice.
Korean Fried Chicken Wings
Kick your fried chicken wings up a notch with Chef Sheldon Simeon’s Korean-style recipe. A simple sauce turns these regular chicken wings into a delectable Asian dish.
Chicharrones and Chili Pepper Water
Chef Sheldon Simeon uses four ingredients in his recipe for chili pepper water, a popular local condiment. Whip up a bottle to accompany a variety of foods, including chicharrones, or crispy pork rinds.
Guava Huli Chicken
Here’s a tropical twist on an Island favorite. Executive Chef Lee Anne Wong uses nine easy-to-find ingredients to whip up this sweet and savory, tender chicken dish.