Travel Agent Program

Updated: Sept. 25, 2020

Debit Memo Policy

Debit memos may be issued to an agency for failure to follow fare rules or for booking or ticketing errors made. Reasons for a debit memo include, but not limited to:

  1. Unreported sales
  2. Fare rule violations, including but not limited to:
    • Advance purchase
    • Booking class
    • Invalid/unauthorized fare basis codes
    • Seasonality
    • Ticketing time limit
    • Under-collected fares
    • Refund errors
  3. Incorrect/unauthorized commissions
  4. Incorrect collection of cancellation/change fee penalties
  5. Tax errors
  6. Insufficient information
    • Missing/incorrect endorsements
    • Missing/incorrect tour code
    • Missing/incorrect ticket designator
  7. Credit card chargebacks/fraudulent use of credit cards
  8. Booking & Ticketing Policy Enforcement
    • Any violation of the Booking & Ticketing Policy will issued at $50 USD per passenger, per violation unless noted below:
    • Issuance of Paper tickets ($75 per passenger, per violation)
    • Operations Notifications ($50 USD per 10 PNRs in violation)
  9. Agency ticketing reinstatement ($150)
  10. ACM requests after ADM paid
  11. Enforcement of Indirect EMD Policy
  12. Enforcement of Schedule Change Policy & Procedures

Hawaiian regards all ADMs as being disputable from the date of ADM issue. Disputes must include a valid dispute reason, and supporting documentation. Disputes may be submitted via Memo Manager (ARC agencies) or BSPLink/ASD (IATA agencies).

Hawaiian reserves the right to assess an administrative fee of $50 (USD equivalent) on any issued ADM. The $50 administrative fee will be added to the debit calculation and summed for total remittance. Late fees may apply for ADMs not settled in a timely manner.

Hawaiian reserves the right to change any of these requirements without advance notification.

ARC Agencies

If you have an ADM to dispute, please do so within 30 days from ADM issue date. Research on ADMs will only be performed on tickets that are within one year from date of ticket issue. ADMs that are disputed later with tickets that are older than one year from date of ticket issue will not be considered for dispute. These ADMs will no longer be contestable and are expected to be paid in full. Agencies are responsible for sharing memos requiring GDS input via Memo Manager.

ARC Memo Manager
Hawaiian Airlines will be issuing ADMs through ARC Memo Manager. Please register to access, view and correspond with Hawaiian Airlines regarding ARC issued memos.

To register for ARC Memo Manager, please visit Benefits of ARC Memo Manager include online correspondence, accept or dispute memos online, attach supporting documentation, and settle memos via IAR sales report.

BSP Agencies

ADMs should be disputed via BSPLink within 15 days of ADM issue date. Agencies are responsible for forwarding memos requiring GDS input via BSPLink.


For clarification on specific discounts or commission authorizations, please contact your respective Sales representative. For additional assistance regarding debit memos, please refer to the email address listed on the debit memo.

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