Travel Agent Program

Reduced Rate Policy

Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. offers reduced rates to ARC/IATA travel agents with prior written approval by Hawaiian Airlines sales office. Reduced rate fares are self-ticketing and are confirmed space tickets based on availability.

Reduced Rate Fares may be comparable to fare availability on our website. Please compare online pricing with travel agent reduced rates prior to submitting for authorization.



  • Full time employees, including working owners and managers.
  • Employed a minimum of one year with ARC/IATA travel agency.
  • Employee's spouse is eligible ONLY when booked in the same PNR as the employee AND traveling with the employee.
  • No reduced rate travel is offered for companions, dependents or any other individuals.


Fares and Booking Classes

Where a stopover occurs, fares will be priced point-to-point.

Interisland - No reduced rate offered; published fares apply
Code Share Flights - No reduced rate offered; published fares apply
% off of Fare Booking Class
North America Coach Class
Travel Agent 75% off of Y29 M
Travel Agent's Spouse 50% off of Y29 M
North America First Class
Travel Agent 75% off of F P
Travel Agent's Spouse 50% off of F P
Travel Agent 75% off of Y M
Travel Agent's Spouse 50% off of Y M
Travel Agent 75% off of J P
Travel Agent's Spouse 50% off of J P



  1. Reservations

    Spouse must travel together with agent, booked in the same PNR. Reservations must be made through your agency CRS,GDS system. Reservations are NOT accepted through Hawaiian Airlines Reservations Department or via the web.

    To prevent reservation from auto canceling within 48 hours , agent must input OSI HA AD75/AD50 DISCOUNT FARE. Format for OSI message must be exact and must be appended to the reservation before ending the initial booking.

    Not valid for travel during the following time periods:
    • Mar 15 to Apr 15 (Spring Break)
    • Jun 15 to 1st Tue in Sep (Summer Season)
    • Nov from the Wed before to the Mon after the Thanksgiving Holiday
    • Dec 15 to Jan 15 (Winter Season)
  2. Request for approval by submitting the following:

    • Letter of request signed by owner/manager of agency on official agency letterhead.
    • Copy of current ARC/IATA list with travel agent's name.
    • Copy of reservation with complete itinerary.
    • Include contact information (phone numbers, fax number, and email address)
    • Self-addressed stamped envelope (if requesting approval form to be mailed back, if not authorizations will be either faxed or emailed).
    • Please send or fax information to Oahu Sales
    • Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for processing.
    • Please submit request no earlier than 60 days prior and no later than 14 days prior to your trip.
  3. Ticketing

    Upon receipt of approval form:
    • Record the applicable fare basis code and booking classes on the ticket.
    • Passengers are responsible to pay all applicable taxes at time of ticketing. These taxes includes and is not limited to departure tax, fuel taxes and surcharges, Passenger Facility Charges (PFC), Head Segment taxes (ZP), Customs, Immigration, International Departure and September 11 Security taxes.
    • Enter authorization code from the approval form in the ticket endorsement box.
    • Attach approval form to the auditor's coupons(s) for all tickets issued.
    • Tickets must be issued within 14 days of original booking date.
  4. Payment

    • Acceptable forms: Cash, Check or Credit Card
    • Submit to Hawaiian Airlines with your sales report: payment, approval form, auditor's coupon(s).
  5. Terms

    In addition to Hawaiian Airlines Conditions of Carriage, all reduced rate travel is subject to the terms and conditions below:
    • Upgrades to first class are not permitted.
    • Voluntary changes follow standard fare rules and fees. Rerouting follows standard fare rules and fees.
    • Tickets are valid for 45 days from date of issue.
    • Extension on expiration date is not permitted.
    • Tickets are non-refundable. Present your valid ARC/IATA card upon check-in at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter.
    • Although reduced rate travel is confirmed, in the event your chosen flight is oversold, you may be asked to take the next available flight.
    • If procedures are not followed, agent may be subject to a debit memo.


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