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Traveling With Infants And Toddlers

Traveling With Infants and Toddlers

Age Restrictions

There is no minimum age for an infant traveling with an adult on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. Infants under seven (7) days old will require a physician's statement allowing travel. It is recommended that you check with your child's doctor to make sure your infant should be traveling by airplane. For the purpose of travel on Hawaiian Airlines, children are no longer considered infants on the day of their 2nd birthday.

Car Seats

For the safety of your child, Hawaiian Airlines recommends purchasing a seat for children under the age of two and using an approved child restraint system. A seat must be purchased for infants traveling in a child restraint seat. Infants traveling as a lap child (sharing seat with an adult) may bring a child restraint seat on board if: 1) there is an empty seat available for the infant and 2) the car seat bears the following two required labels:

  1. This restraint system conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety conditions.
  2. This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft. (in red lettering) (NOTE: Labels that indicate U.S. or Foreign Government approval or show the seat was manufactured under the standards of the United Nations are also valid.)

Any other child booster seats and other types of child restraints may not be used during take-off, landing, and surface movements regardless of what stamp/seal of approval these booster or harness devices carry.

If the flight is full, the car seat will be checked at the gate using a claim-at-gate tag. The car seat will be returned to the passenger at the gate upon arrival.


If a seat is not purchased for an infant, no carry-on or checked baggage allowances apply.

An adult traveling with a lap child may check the infant's child restraint seat and/or stroller. These items may be checked at the gate using a claim-at-gate tag, if preferred.

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Infant on Lap

Customers traveling with infants as a lap child may bring a child restraint car seat onboard if there is an empty seat available for the infant and the car seat is appropriately labeled (see Car Seats section above).

A lap child is not eligible for meals.

As the lap child will be sitting on the lap of the accompanying adult, seats cannot be reserved for the infant. Only one lap infant is permitted per seat grouping (i.e., one in the A, B seat grouping and one in the C, E, G seat grouping one for the H, J seat grouping on Trans-Pacific flights) per row. Exit row seating is prohibited for any passengers traveling with Infants.

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How Many Infants

Only one lap child is permitted as a lap child, free of charge, for each ticketed adult. An adult traveling with two infants may only travel with one lap child. An additional seat must be purchased for the second infant.

Infant Seat Fare

Infants traveling with their own ticket are required to have a child restraint seat onboard (See Car Seats section above). Customers traveling with infants should always be pre-assigned seats together. If possible, the infant should be seated next to the window to allow clear access to the aisle for all passengers.

Pricing Options

  • Infant on Lap-Domestic: Free
  • Infant on Lap-International: Infant Fare*
  • Infant Seat purchase-Domestic: Full Adult Fare**
  • Infant Seat purchase-International: Child Fare**
  • Child 2 or older-Domestic: Full Adult Fare
  • Child 2 or older-International: Child Fare**

Note: Taxes do not apply for infants without a seat who are travelling wholly within the US. All standard taxes are applicable on infant tickets where a seat is purchased.

* Lap infants traveling to an international destination will be ticketed at a one-way or roundtrip flat infant fare or discounted adult fare, depending on international destination. This does not guarantee the infant a seat. Infants can travel on domestic flights as lap children at no charge (limit one lap child per accompanying adult). If there is an empty seat available on that flight, the infant may occupy that seat for no extra charge.

** Accompanying adult must be traveling on a Hawaiian Airlines purchased published fare. Where a seat has been purchased for an infant, an approved child restraint seat must also be used to secure the infant. If a confirmed seat is requested for an infant for travel wholly within the U.S., the infant will be charged the full adult fare. For infant seats purchased to/from an international destination including Pago Pago, American Samoa, a flat infant fare or discounted adult fare will be charged.

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Turning 2 on Trip

If a child turns two en route, a ticket must be purchased for all segments on which the child will be two. Proof of age may be required if the child appears to be age two or older.

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